Research Seminars

Thursdays at 2:00 pm in CM 266 and on Zoom.

CM 266 has a COVID capacity of 16. Talks will be live-streamed on Zoom. Speakers from outside of South Dakota Mines will present via technology.

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Fall 2020 Schedule

September 3Weibing Xing "Beyond Li-ion: Lithium-Sulfur Battery Research" (Watch the recorded seminar)

September 10 - Pierre Larochelle "Deploying Robotics for Spatial Free Form Additive Manufacturing" (Watch the recorded seminar)

September 17 - Hadi Fekrmandi "Multi-Agent Autonomous Guidance Navigation & Control Using SVGS Vision Sensor for Lunar Surface Mobility Applications" (Watch the recorded seminar)

September 24 - Wendy Ju, Cornell Tech "Theatre of the Autonomous Car" (Watch the recorded seminar)

October 1 - Nick Bruno "An Improved Performance Metric for Comparing Magnetocaloric Solid Refrigerants Undergoing First-Order Magnetostructural Transitions" (Watch the recorded seminar)

October 8 - Prasoon Diwakar "Hot and Cold Plasmas: A Journey from Analytical Instrumentation to Therapeutics" (Watch the recorded seminar)

October 15 - Micah Lande "Tinkering to Learn Mechanical Engineering" (Watch the recorded seminar)

October 22 - Martha Grady, University of Kentucky "A Mechanical Engineer's Approach to Bacterial Infections"

October 29 - Daniel Boe, PhD Student "High Order Positivity Preserving Finite Difference Scheme for Compressible Two Fluid/Phase Flow Model" (Watch the recorded seminar)

November 5 - Krishnendu Haldar, IIT Bombay "Magnetomechanics Modeling of Magneto-Active Polymers" (Watch the recorded seminar)