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How much is a scholarship from ROTC worth at South Dakota Mines?

Incentive Amount Paid 4 Yr. Total
Full Tuition* $11,860 per year $47,440
Monthly Stipend $420 per month $20,160
Book Allowance $1200 per year $ 5,200
Total   $72,800 

*Calculated based on South Dakota School of Mines and Technology out of state tuition as a full-time student with 15 credits per semester; scholarships cover full tuition and fees.

  • Scholarships are awarded based on the whole person concept (scholar, athlete, leader) with minimum 2.5 Cumulative GPA, medical exam, and other eligibility requirements.
  • Scholarships also require contracting into Army ROTC.

Did you know?

  • You can take the first two years of Army ROTC without an Army ROTC scholarship or commitment to the Army. This course is just like any other elective course.
  • If you do not receive an Army ROTC scholarship while in high school, you can attend South Dakota Mines and apply for an Army ROTC scholarship once you begin your freshman year.
  • You can be in Army ROTC and in the National Guard or Army Reserve.
  • The Army will cover your tuition and fees up to five years for being an engineering major.
  • There are two, three, and four-year scholarships available from ROTC.

    Tuition, Credit, and Equipment

    • Military science and leadership courses are tuition free.
    • Books and equipment are provided by the department.
    • Associated fees assessed for all courses do apply.
    • MSL credit may be applied as free electives toward graduation.
    • MSL 101L or MSL 102L may be used to meet physical education requirements of any degree program.
    • Tuition is charged for courses when used to meet physical education requirements.

    In the traditional four-year program, students enroll in eight consecutive semesters of MSL courses, 2 credit hours each semester the first two years, and 4 credit hours each semester the last two years. Leadership laboratories are offered concurrently with each of the classroom courses.

    Academic Year Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
    Fall Semester MSL-101 and 101L MSL-201 and 201L MSL-301 and 301L MSL-401 and 401L
    Spring Semester MSL-102 and 102L MSL-202 and 202L MSL-302 and 302L MSL-402 and 402L

    If you need assistance with course selection, please contact your academic advisor.


    A total of eight years of military service upon graduation can be done in different ways such as: 

    • Serve four years on Active Duty, followed by four years on Reserve Duty (active or inactive Army Reserve or Army National Guard)
    • Serve more than four years on active duty followed by whatever remains of the 8-year obligation on Reserve Duty
    • Serve all eight years on Reserve Duty
    • Serve all eight years on National Guard

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      How much is a scholarship from ROTC worth at South Dakota Mines?

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