South Dakota Mines students conducting projects underground

Geology, Geological Engineering, and Mining Engineering:

Mining Engineering Specialization, PhD

Background info:

Applicants interested in the Mining Engineering specialization, should have substantial preparation in science, math, and engineering, although a particular baccalaureate degree is not required for admission.

Program info:

Students are required to take GEOL 808 Fundamental Problems in Engineering and Science (3 credits).

The completion of a doctoral dissertation, approved by the student’s graduate advisory committee and the Dean of Graduate Education, is required for this degree.

At least 20 credits of MEM 898D are required for the degree. No more than 36 credits of 898D may be counted toward the degree.

The candidate’s committee is responsible for assisting the student in developing a program of study that prepares the student for his/her intended field as well as provides general knowledge for the discipline.

A minimum of 33 elective credits are required, including:

  • At least 15 credits of electives with an MEM prefix
  • At least 18 credits of additional MEM or other electives

When the student has substantially completed the required 36 credits of coursework for the PhD, and before work on the dissertation research commences in earnest, the student must complete a combined examination composed of two parts: a qualifying examination and a comprehensive examination. After successful completion of both exams, the student will be admitted to PhD candidacy.

If the student has not completed all requirements for the PhD degree by the fifth year following the comprehensive examination, his/her active candidacy status will be automatically terminated and the comprehensive examination must be repeated.

Contact info:

Dr. Kelli McCormick, Program Coordinator
Mining Engineering and Management Department
Mineral Industries 235A
(605) 394-1971