All candidates for the PhD program are required to successfully complete the following minimum credits and earn a grade of “C” or better, except for a final grade of “S” in NANO 898:
The program of study must be filed with the graduate office, and approved by the nano SE PhD program director before midterm of the second semester of residence, and again before the qualifying exam. Below is the summary of the required course of study:

NANO 701: Nanomaterials (3 credits)
NANO 702: Theory and Applications of Nanoscale Material Systems (3 credits)
NANO 703: Instrumentation & Characterization of Nano Materials (4 credits, lecture & laboratory)
NANO 890: Seminar (3 credits)
Program Major Emphasis (27-37 credits)
Dissertation Research (30-40 credits)
TOTAL 80 credits

For a full listing of courses, including course descriptions, hours, credits, and prerequisites, please see the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Catalog.