Faculty and Staff

Program Director
Email: Steve.Smith@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-5268
Office: EP 220 / Nano
B.S., Michigan Technological University
M.S., Ph.D., University of Michigan
Email: Phil.Ahrenkiel@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-5238
Office: EP 235
B.S., University of Colorado
M.S., Colorado School of Mines
Ph.D., University of Colorado
Assistant Professor
Email: Robert.Anderson@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2539
Office: EP235
B.S., South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
M.S., South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Ph.D., South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Email: David.Salem@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-5271
Office: CAPE
B.S., University of Bradford, U.K.
Ph.D., University of Manchester, U.K.
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Email: Brandon.Scott@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-1911
Office: EP 234A
B.S., Slippery Rock University
Ph.D., South Dakota State University
Assistant Professor
Email: Congzhou.Wang@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-1613
Office: EP 221

B.S., Huaqiao University
M.M., Chongqing University
Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University

Assistant Professor
Email: Scott.Wood@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-5268
Office: EP 235
B.S., Texas Tech University
M.S., Clemson University
Ph.D., Clemson University

Additional Information on Participants:

A list of faculty currently active in the Nano SE PhD program and nanotechnology research is given below:

Dr. S. P. Ahrenkiel, Associate Professor of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering; Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder; High resolution TEM microscopy and diffraction methods, energy and nano materials. Group website

Dr. Hao Fong, Associate Professor of Chemistry; Ph.D. University of Akron, Nano-scaled polymer, ceramic and carbon/graphite fibers and their applications. Group website

Dr. Haiping Hong, Research Scientist IV; Ph.D. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Carbon nanotube based composites, nanofluids, nanogrease.

Dr. S. Smith, Professor and Director of Nano Science and Engineering; Ph.D., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Energy and time-resolved nanoscale optical spectroscopy, electronic and photonic properties of nano- and energy-materials. Group website

Dr. David Salem, Professor of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering; Chemical and Biological Engineering, Director of Composites and Polymer Engineering (CAPE) Laboratory ; Ph.D., University of Manchester; Polymer processing and nanocomposites. CAPE web site

Dr. Zhengtao Zhu, Associate Professor of Chemistry; Ph.D. SUNY Binghamton. Nano imprinting and lithography. Group web site