Activities and Organizations

Society of Physics Students (SPS)

The SPS is a student-run organization that enjoys using their knowledge of physics to have fun working together on various projects. The goal of the organization is to bring tools and concepts learned in the classroom into the real world, and when possible share their passion for physics with the community. Activities range from purely social gatherings to group collaborations with the goal of constructing and presenting demonstration experiments and community outreach in the form of volunteering in local schools and forums. As an SPS member you will be part of a community who has a deep love of science and experimentation and will be able to apply your knowledge of physics to create, amaze, and educate your community about the wonders of the laws of nature.

To become an official member of the SPS you can apply on their website: Membership is $20 per year and includes a monthly “Physics Today” magazine subscription.

For more information about when the SPS meets, please inquire at the physics secretaries’ office at EEP227 or in the “physics cave” EEP217.

South Dakota Mines Chapter of SPS National

As an SPS member you can really have a blast! Follow this link to register with the national organization.