Graduate Education

The Physics Graduate Program

Bolstered by its proximity to the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF), the nation’s leading site for underground nuclear and particle physics, the new Ph.D. program at SD Mines provides unique opportunities for research into the underlying principles of the natural world. Our internationally recognized faculty lead students in searches for the dark matter of the universe, studies of the nature of the neutrino and the origin of the chemical elements, as well as research into quantum computing and condensed matter, e.g. phase transitions in ferroelectric and magnetic materials or spintronics. Graduate students can also investigate topics in atmospheric physics. More information on department research is here

The mission of the physics Ph.D. program is to provide students with quality graduate instruction and research experiences that will prepare them for various career options in academia, industry, and at national labs. First-year students may be teaching assistants or research assistants; teaching load is light in order to allow an early start in research. 

You can find a link to the Physics PhD program overview, including application requirements, here.

Our graduate program may accept a limited number of MS (Master of Science) applications. 
You can find a link to the Physics MS program overview here.

For more information please contact Dr. R. Oszwaldowski at (605) 394-2726 or email him at