Faculty and Staff

Department Head and Professor Social Sciences
Email: Allison.Gilmore@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2482
Office: CB317
B.A., University of Nebraska
M.A., University of Nebraska
Ph.D., Ohio State University
Director of Devereaux Library
Email: Patricia.Andersen@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-1255
Office: LIB 213 / LIB
B.S., University of South Dakota
M.L.I.S., Louisiana State University
Email: Danielle.Brady@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-5100
Office: CB 321

B.S., South Dakota State University
M.A., University of South Dakota
Ed.D., University of South Dakota

Associate Librarian
Email: cindy.davies@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-1259
Office: LIB / LIB
B.A., University of South Dakota
M.L.I.S., Louisiana State University
Associate Professor
Email: John.Dreyer@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-2481
Office: SS / CB322
B.A., Bowling Green State University
M.P.A., Bowling Green State University
Ph.D., University of Tennessee
Assistant Professor
Email: Jonathan.Gibson@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2542
Office: CB 304
B.S., Utah Valley State College
M.S., Brigham Young University
Ph.D., University of West Georgia
Assistant Professor
Email: Kayla.Pritchard@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2581
Office: CB 319
A.A., McCook Community College
B.A., University of Nebraska
M.A. University of Nebraska
Ph.D., University of Nebraska
Email: Frank.VanNuys@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-2489
Office: SS / CB #305
B.A., South Dakota State University
M.A., California State University - Chico
Ph.D., University of Wyoming
Senior Secretary
Email: Taylor.Moore@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2481
Office: CB 333

B.S., Oakland City University