Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences provides courses in disciplines that focus on the institutions of human society and the social, cultural, and psychological aspects of human behavior. By utilizing empirical and quantitative methods in the study of human beings, the curriculum often demonstrates how profoundly scientific and technological developments affect and are affected by society and the environment. 

Although SD Mines offers no degrees in the social sciences, your social science courses will complement your technical study and enrich your academic and intellectual life.

General Education Core Requirements:  Goal 3 Social Sciences

See:  General Education Goals Checklist  

Coursework in social sciences can be used to fulfill the requirements of the South Dakota Board of Regents General Education Goal 3 Social Sciences:  Students will understand the organization, potential, and diversity of the human community through study of the social sciences.

All degree-seeking students at the School of Mines are required to complete six semester hours of approved general education social science courses (100-200 level).

Students whose degree programs require upper division coursework (300-400 level) in the humanities and social sciences will find a variety of junior/senior level courses offered each year in art, history, humanities, literature, music, political science, and psychology.

Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Sciences

Humanities and Social Sciences faculty administer and advise the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Sciences (IS) program, which is a science degree that offers students three unique choices in specialization: atmospheric sciences; health sciences; and science, technology, and society. The IS degree provides students with the flexibility to enroll in a variety of math and science courses, as well as carefully chosen electives in the humanities, fine arts, and social sciences. Individually designed IS programs enable students to tailor the focus of their degrees, and encourages the integration and application of knowledge from diverse disciplines. 

Associate of Arts in General Studies

Faculty from humanities and social sciences also administer and advise the associate of arts in general studies, a two-year degree program that offers students a broad and varied background in general education. Completion of the AA will fulfill the general education requirements for a baccalaureate degree at the state universities of South Dakota.

Independent Study

"Social Sciences" represent a broad undertaking:  the study of people.  What specifically interests you?  In-depth, self-designed courses - with permission of instructor and Independent study contract.