OLC Housing


Our Mission


The mission of the OLC House team is to provide affordable homes for families on the Pine Ridge Reservation that are in need. We want everyone to be able to have a place to call home for an affordable price.


Our Projects

The the OLC Housing group primary project is to Help design and build houses that are affordable for the families that are in need. The Team is currently working on a house with a beam and Post foundation, solar panels, and ways to create low utility costs.

The team's primary focus is the post and beam foundation for the house. The secondary tasks include the heating module and the orientation of the windows. We are also researching different types of heating system to lower the utility cost.


Project Partners

Partner One

Our Primary Project Partner for this project is The Ogalala Lakota College to work to together to create these homes for the people on the reservation. The people OLC House want to create homes for people that can't afford normal housing.

Partner Two

Our Secondary Project Partner is Lyle Wilson and the students in his classes. Lyle and his students want to take this oppertunity with this house project to teach his students about construction and the building codes and regulations that go into building off the reservation. His vision is to build houses for people that need them while teaching the next generation skills they can use for the rest of their lives.


Our Team


William Horwath

Mechanical Engineering



Mycala Read

Mechanical Engineering


Tyler Kleinsasser

Civil Engineering


Zachary Foust

Civil Engineering

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Timothy Felker 

Civil Engineering   

IMG_0231 (1)

Grace Andersen

Electrical Engineering
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Advisors and Collaborators

Dr, Andrea Surovek, ( surovek@sdsmt.edu) | Dr. Jennifer Benning |  

Contact Us

OLC Housing Team 
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