Our Mission

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We are designing an art cart to be placed in the gallery in order to encourage the children visiting the galleries to become involved with art and to foster their art appreciation. Results of the art cart will be a hands-on learning interpretation station for kids to learn the art. After the project is finished, our team will leave behind the completed project for the Art Council to maintain and modify for each exhibit.

Our Project

Interpretation Art Station 

Project Partner

Pepper Massey - Executive Director


Pepper grew up in Canada, lived in Rhode Island, Florida, Arizona and California, and currently resides in Silver City. On weekends you might find her riding her motorcycle or hiking in the Hills. She is the proud parent of the most amazing female child on the planet, and a fanatical animal lover.


    Our Team

    Jasmine Peiper

    Mechanical Engineering

    Hanna Bankers

    Electrical Engineering

    Noah Williams

    Civil Engineering


    Advisors and Collaborators

    Dr. Andrea Surovek, CEE ( (605)-394-1932 | Program Director

    Dr. Jennifer Benning, CEE ( (605)-394-2425 | Community Director

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