Robotics & Automated Manufacturing

Advanced Mechanical Engineering Camp

Have you ever watched How’s it Made? Do you find yourself surfing YouTube and viewing videos of robots and machines doing amazing things? If so then this I the camp is for you! In this camp we’ll learn how to design and manufacture parts with state of the art computer controlled (cnc) machines and how to program industrial robots to automatically assemble parts into finished products. You’ll learn about and use computer-aided design software, computer-aided manufacturing software, 3D printing, jigs & fixtures, end of arm tooling, and robot work cell simulation software. You will work with a state of the art industrial robot and learn how to program it. You’ll make your own end of arm tooling, jigs, and fixtures using advanced computer controlled machine tools and you’ll program the robot to create a fully automated manufacturing work cell.  


All prospective campers must complete the following items before their summer camp application will be evaluated.

  1. Submit the online registration
  2. Complete student statement
  3. Submit waivers
  4. Payment is required upon acceptance into the camp

Please note that this camp requires acceptance through a faculty review process. The review will take place in April and students will be notified of their admission decision on April 17, 2023. If accepted, payment will be required at this time and a payment link will be included in the notification email.

Cancellation Policy:

To receive a refund, notice must be given to Brittani Webb at or 605-394-6144 with the cancelation 30 days before camp.

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Cost $300
2022-2023 Grades: 9th-12th
July 10 - 13, 2023 

  • Day Camp 9AM- 4:30PM
  • Lunch is provided
  • Registration 8:30AM Monday July 10th
  • Parent Reception 1:00PM Thursday  

For more information:

Contact Admissions
(605) 394-6144

This camp is brought to you by Dr. Larochelle and Dr. Lalley. —


Pierre M Larochelle
Department Head and Professor

Dr. Larochelle’s research focuses on the design of complex robotic mechanical systems and enabling creativity and innovation in design. He is the founding director of the Robotics and Computational Kinematics INnovation (ROCKIN) Laboratory, has over 100 publications, holds three US patents, and serves as a consultant on robotics, automation, machine design, creativity & innovation, and computer-aided design. He serves on ABET’s Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) and as an ABET Accreditation Visit Team Chair. Moreover, he currently serves as the Chair of the U.S. Committee on the Theory of Mechanisms & Machine Science and represents the U.S. in the International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism & Machine Science.


Dr. Aaron Lalley

Dr. Lalley has 23 years of engineer work history including; 18 years with Hutchinson Technology as an engineer in manufacturing, machine design and tool design, working in the process areas of laser welding, shearing, forming and coining. In addition to Hutchinson Technology I have worked for Caterpillar, Midwest Precision Tool and Die, Unified Theory Inc. and Manufacturing Works, an agency of the State of Wyoming, in the areas of machine design, product design , CNC programming, HVAC, MRP, process development and product development. His current research includes chatter modeling in a VMC machining process. Previous research includes: Manufacturing process development for advanced solar cell production Ion implantation for enhanced tooling performance Nano-fiber composite modeling Novel tooling methods for thin metal coining Laser weld process control Novel part handling.



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