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Photo ID:

Remember to bring your photo ID. Students without a photo ID will not be permitted to take the test. On campus students may have a teacher come with them to the Testing Center to vouch for their identity.

Acceptable Photo ID:

  • Student ID
  • Driver's License or government issued ID card
  • Passport

Prohibited Items:

Prohibited Items must be stored in your bag or with the proctor.

They Include:

  • Cell phones and any other Electronic Devices
  • All Watches and Fitness Trackers
  • Backpacks, Handbags, and Briefcases
  • Books, Notebooks and USB drives
  • Notes (unless specifically allowed by your instructor)
  • Dictionaries or Translators

Proctoring Exams (Non-SD Mines tests)

The School of Mines Technical Learning Center (TLC) offers its services to students and members of the community as a "testing site" for other school’s tests.

The student is responsible for ensuring that appropriate contact and proctoring forms are sent from the school to Thomas Mahon, Tutoring and Testing Coordinator, ( well in advance of the student’s desired testing date.

The Tutoring and Testing Coordinator is not responsible for acquisition of testing materials or Internet logins or passwords. As a part of the arrangement between the student and their school, required materials are sent by the school directly to the Tutoring and Testing Coordinator for Academic Support via mail or email.

The student calls or emails (  the TLC (Technical Learning Center) office at (605) 394-2428 to schedule requested testing dates and times. There is no implied guarantee testing can occur by a particular date or at requested times. Testing can be arranged between 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The school sending the test must inform SD Mines if there are time constraints on the test, if it is open or closed book/notes, if a calculator is allowed, if scratch paper can be used, if there are limitations on who can administer the test or where the test is administrated, if breaks are allowed, if specific (computer) windows are not allowed to be accessed, and who the campus contact person and phone number is in the event of a problem before, during or after the test.

The student makes arrangements for testing materials to be returned, including proper Internet submission or postage arrangements.

The student is not allowed to mail their testing materials themselves.

Testing services for non-SD Mines tests are $15.00 per test or $15.00 per hour. Check, credit card or cash are all acceptable.

Proctoring Exams (SD Mines tests)

Campus testing services are free for SD Mines students and testing is allowed Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. There is no implied guarantee that testing can occur by a particular date or at requested times. All tests, directions and guidelines should be delivered by the instructor  to the TLC (SD Mines Testing Center.  (Contact Tom Mahon at 

Exams & Testing

Need Testing or Tutoring help or information?
Contact Tom Mahon
Tutoring and Testing Coordinator
(605) 394-2428  

TLC (SD Mines Testing Center)

Lower Level Devereaux Library
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
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