Faculty Development

Faculty Development at South Dakota Mines offers a suite of services for all faculty in the campus community. We support all facets of your professional development, including:

Mission Statement

To help South Dakota Mines recruit, support and advance faculty within their respective fields.

Services we provide:

  • New Faculty Welcome and Orientation
    New Faculty Orientation is a one-day overview of South Dakota Mines resources and policies that occurs the Tuesday before class begins each fall.
  • Honoring Faculty Achievement 
    The Honoring Faculty Achievement event recognizes our faculty who have been recently tenured and/or promoted as well as those who have received significant external recognition.
  • Instructional Consultation
    Faculty Development will arrange for a trained faculty member to assist you with an individual instructional consultation. Instructors may select any combination of observation, midterm student feedback (also called Small Group Instructional Diagnosis), video recording of classes for discussion with the instructor, and feedback and resource conversations. All instructional consultations are confidential with the feedback provided only to the instructor.
  • Speakers and Seminars
    Faculty development sponsors speakers, workshops, and seminars throughout the year. These events are a mix of local presenters, external speakers we bring to campus, and webinars to which we sponsor campus access. When the speaker gives us permission, sessions are video recorded and made available through the Faculty Development Resources Library.
  • Personalized STEM Education Proposal Consultation
    As all South Dakota Mines students are STEM students, all Mines faculty have the opportunity to adapt, implement, and research STEM education activities. For those new to this area or to external funding options in this area, faculty development staff can assist with funding and publishing suggestions, relevant literature suggestions, framing proposal goals and objectives, and designing evaluation plans.
  • Mobile Computing Instructional Development Funds Administration
    Mobile Computing Instructional Development Funds at South Dakota Mines are allocated using an internal request for proposals which includes a double-blind student review process. More than $350,000 has been awarded to a dozen projects. These funds are administered through the Provost Office. Please contact Karen Braman for more information. 

For more information or assistance, contact:
Human Resources
Lower Level of O'Harra Building
(605) 394-1203