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Distance Education
Emergency Technical Contacts

Hours: 9am to 5pm MST
Monday through Friday
General Support
ITS Help Desk
Phone: (605) 394-1234

DDN and Video Streaming Support
Dane Finnesand
Phone:(605) 394-1958

Elluminate Support
Dane Finnesand
Phone:(605) 394-1958

D2L Support
Bradley O'Brien
Phone:(605) 394-1234

ITS Technical Support

South Dakota Mines provides technical support for on or off-campus students, faculty and staff.

Contact ITS for assistance using the contact information provided on this page. Email queries will be answered by the next business day.


Your Email
All students are assigned a campus email which is  The campus will use this email for all official campus correspondence.  Students are encouraged to check this email on a regular basis.  To login to your mines email account go to URL Username should be  Your default password is your birthday + 7 digit ID number  mmddyyyy1234567.  More information on this process.

Forwarding Your email
Alternatively, all student email accounts are set up through google email and you can forward your email to another account that you use.  To forward official correspondence from your mines email account to another email account, go to .  Once you log in to this site, you will see a box with a gear in it.  This is settings link.  Click on it, then click on settings in the drop down menu.  Click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP link at the top and then click on the Add a Forwarding Address link.  

Streaming Video

How to find streaming videos
Streaming videos for Distance Education are located at

Streaming video does not have sound
If the video that you are watching does not have sound and you have confirmed that your computers speakers are working, please contact ITS directly.

Streaming video won’t open

The streaming videos will open Windows Media Player (WMP) from your web browser.  If the web links to the videos do not open WMP please try another browser.  In Chrome you may have to select the file from your downloads list.  In Internet Explorer and Firefox you may have to choose to open the video file.  If these solutions don’t work please contact ITS directly.

Streaming video buffers too frequently
This may mean that the bitrate for the video may be too high for your network speed.  If you are using a wireless connection, you should connect the computer to a physical network port to speed up the connection.  If you are still having trouble, contact the ITS department for help. 

Access Issues

Occasionally a Distance Education student will have trouble accessing resources from a corporate or government worksite where firewalls are in place to limit employee internet access.  In those situations, the students will need to access Distance Education resources from home or another location.