Feeling overwhelmed by the mounting messages in your inbox? Getting too many directions from too many people? Welcome to college. Wouldn't it be nice if there was an app on your phone that could help you navigate your college experience? Well...  

You're in luck! Hardrocker Success empowers you with the information that will keep you on the path to graduation. 

  • Keep all your reminders & to-dos! With Hardrocker Success you can quickly sync classes and important reminders to your calendar.
  • Get advice! With Hardrocker Success you can schedule appointments with advisors & tutors to help with class work.
  • Find a study buddy! Students who quizzed each other in study groups got higher grades than those who studied alone.
  • Make connections. Whether you’re looking for academic advising, internships, hands-on learning opportunities, or ways to have fun outside the classroom, Hardrocker Success will connect you with the right people and resources.
  • Never miss important events. The calendar feature can integrate into your phone so you’re ready for everything from class registration to fun events on the Quad.
  • And much more!  


  • Major Explorer - Match your interests and career goals with the right major and look at transferable skills and career options for each major.
  • Journeys - Step-by-step guidance and tips on paying for college, making progress towards your degree, getting involved on campus, and much more.
  • Class Schedule - View your class schedule and integrate it into your smartphone with the push of a button.
  • Hold Center - Connect to the right office so you can quickly resolve holds.
  • Resources - Seamlessly connect to student support services from your phone.  







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