Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to be an SD Mines student to use the Devereaux Library?
A:  Everyone is welcome to use the resources and facilities at the Devereaux Library. An active campus ID card from SD Mines or any of the South Dakota Regental universities is necessary to check out materials and access many of the electronic resources. 

Q: What if the library does not own an item I would like to borrow?

A: Whether it’s a book, a journal article or something else, the library will try to get it for you. Just enter your request and we will be in touch. Please note, the library cannot borrow or purchase textbooks for you.

Q: When is the item I have checked out due?
A: Circulation periods vary depending on the type of material you have checked out. Please ask for a loan receipt when you check out materials. You can always visit My Library Card or contact us to verify due dates.

Q: How can I pay a fine?
A: Fines must be paid at the library’s Circulation Desk. They may be paid with cash or a check. Grubby Gold, credit and/or debit cards are not accepted.

Q: Do you proctor exams?

A: SD Mines does provide exam proctoring options - find out more here.     

Q: Can I renew my loans?
A: Yes, most items may be renewed. Contact us for more information

Q. Does the library have textbooks?
A: No, the library does not have textbooks. Textbooks are available at the Mines Bookstore.

Q:  What is my library barcode and password?  My library card doesn’t work!

A:  The library barcode is located on your campus ID.  The default password is your last name.  You are encouraged to change your password; you may do so at My Library Card. If your library card is not working properly, please contact us.

Q: How do I access databases (electronic resources) from off campus.
A. You will need to use the campus VPN.  Instructions here:

Q:  Can my group meet in the library?
A:  Absolutely! We welcome groups; there are many spaces available; chalkboards, an electronic whiteboard and a large screen television that connects to a PC are available for your use. Contact us for more information.

Q:  Where can I find a quiet place to study?
A:  Generally, the third and fourth levels of the building are the quietest. Private study rooms are available; secluded carrels are located on three of the four floors of the library.

Q: Can I reserve a study room?
A:  Generally, study rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis and may be checked out for 3 hours.  However, we will consider reservations and/or longer use on a case by case basis.  Contact us for more information.

Q: Why is there a dog in the library?
A:  When you visit the library you may see or even get to meet Trooper. Trooper is a working dog who is trained to assist his hearing impaired owner who is a member of the Devereaux staff. Trooper has been working on campus since 2004 and is the second signal dog that has worked in the library. In addition to assisting his owner, he loves to make friends with library patrons.

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