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A World of Science

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GSW’s journals collection 
provides access to 50 journals
from 34 global publishing

The GSW Archive Collection
runs from 1905-1999.  

Some available Journals:
American Mineralogist
Earth Sciences History
Earthquake Spectra
Economic Geology
Journal of Paleontology
Petroleum Geoscience

There are 2295 eBooks available:
For Example:
The Carboniferous Timescale

Metallogeny of Gold in the 
Black Hills, South Dakota

Passive Margins: Tectonics, 
Sedimentation and Magmatism

GeoRef is available in 
GeoScience World.

“OpenGeoSci is a free, public map
based toolset that allows users 
to search for cross sections, charts, 
tables, figures, and data from 
GeoScienceWorld publications.”

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