Nostalgia Night


Reserved seating is available on the main floor of the Elks Theatre for season ticket holders.

Seats are reserved for the entire 10 weeks of the series; there is a fee of $15 per seat for this service.

Those who had reserved seating for Nostalgia Night 2019 may renew that seating reservation until December 12. If you had reserved seating in 2019, a card has been mailed to you with renewal instructions. On Monday, December 16, all remaining seats will be made available.

To purchase a reserved seat and/or season tickets:

  • Purchase tickets and/or reserved seating in person (check or cash only) at the Devereaux Library, South Dakota Mines, Monday through Friday, 9 am – 4 pm    
  • Contact us via phone 605-394-1262 or email

Please make checks payable to: The Friends of the Devereaux Library.

For those not wishing to take advantage of reserved seating, open seating is available in the balcony of the theatre.

Your season ticket ensures you a seat, Nostalgia Night films are never oversold. 

Seating Chart (click to enlarge):


Contact us:

Phone: 605-394-1262