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South Dakota state law requires that all materials originating in or produced by a state agency be submitted to the state depository system; this includes all South Dakota Mines publications. The South Dakota State Library has tasked the collection and preservation of South Dakota Mines documents and other materials to the Devereaux Library. Campus authors and publishers are required be law to submit copies of their work. The South Dakota state statutes addressing the gathering of materials may be found in Chapter 14-1A. The Administrative Rules defining the number of copies state agencies should submit may be found at: Administrative Rules. 

Copies may be delivered in printed form to the Devereaux Library; the state of South Dakota requires submission of four (4) paper copies of works available only in print. Electronic items (i.e. documents, videos, photographs) may be submitted here or e-mailed to the Devereaux Library.  

In addition to campus publications, the library collects and preserves photographs, documents, videos and other materials relating to the campus and all South Dakota Mines activities. We encourage you to share such items; you may submit electronically or via e-mail. Printed copies are also welcome. Please help us preserve your history.

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