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Check out our electronic resources today!

Check out our electronic resources today!

We have a preponderance of
databases for almost anything
you might be looking for!

South Dakota State Library: 
Digital Collections

This collection houses 
documents and other 
publications created 
and released for 
general distribution 
by South Dakota State 
Agencies; full text 
access to publications.
South Dakota State Newspapers
This website provides 
a mechanism to search 
for South Dakota newspapers 
available at the South Dakota 
State Historical Society. T
his database does not 
search newspaper content. 
Reels of microfilm of 
available newspapers 
can be obtained from
 the Historical Society.
State Agency Databases
Annotated list of 
databases produced 
by the 50 states; indexing. 
Provided by GODORT.
Technology Collection
The Technology 
Collection combines 
broad indexing coverage 
of the scholarly literature 
in advanced technology,
computer science, 
engineering, materials 
science, and related areas 
with full-text titles 
full-text titles from 
around the world, 
including scholarly 
journals, trade and 
industry journals, 
magazines, technical 
reports, conference 
proceedings, and 
government publications. 
This collection is a subset 
of SciTech Premium Collection.
U.S. Government 
Printing Office MetaLib

Retrieves articles, 
reports and citations 
from federal government 
publications; indexing 
and full-text. 
Provided by US GPO.
US Newsstream
US Newstream provides 
access to current U.S. 
news content, as 
well as archives 
that stretch back 
into the 1980s. 
It features top 
newspapers, wires, 
broadcast transcripts, 
blogs, and news sites 
in full-text format.
USA Today
U.S. Newsstream 
provides full-text 
coverage and indexing 
of USA Today, 
February 17, 1997-present 
and citation/abstract 
coverage January 2, 1989 
to present. USA Today (online) 
version is also 
available via U.S. Newsstream.
Wall Street Journal 
 (Eastern edition)
U.S. Newsstream provides 
full-text coverage and 
indexing of the Wall 
Street Journal,
January 2, 1984-present.
Washington Post (online)
U.S. Newsstream provides 
full-text coverage and 
indexing of the Washington 
Post (online), May 21, 2016 
to present. 
Retrospective full-text
and indexing is also 
available from U.S. Newsstream.
Web of Science
This website provides
access to citation databases. 
Multidisciplinary content 
covers journals including 
open access journals and 
conference proceedings; 
as well as extensive 
Devereaux Library does not 
subscribe to all 
material indexed 
in this database. 
Campus community 
members may request 
any item via 
Devereaux Delivers at 
no charge.
WorldCat Discovery
A worldwide catalog 
of millions of  items 
found libraries and 
links to journal 
articles; indexing, 
full text, and 
bibliographic links 
to resources.

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