Camps and Club

Students working on fossil in the field

While not everyone chooses to make geology or mineralogy or paleontology their life's career, many people have a passion for these subjects. Every summer, the Museum offers Field Paleontology Camps to give participants a taste of field work.  Camps include supplies, handouts, instruction and (generally) transportation. You'll find more information at our Field Paleontology Camps webpage.

The Paleontology Club is an organization for students at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology who wish to promote paleontology in the Black Hills community.

Summer Hours

(beginning Memorial Day)

Monday-Saturday: 9 AM -- 6 PM     
Closed: Sundays and Independence Day

Winter Hours

(beginning Labor Day)

Monday-Saturday: 8:30 AM -- 4 PM 
Closed: Sundays and Federal Holidays


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