Institutional Accreditation Under the AQIP Process

Framework for AQIP Processes at SD Mines

SD Mines moved to the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) process for accreditation review by the North Central Association of the Higher Learning Commission in 2007.  Switching to the AQIP was motivated by the usefulness of AQIP as a framework for monitoring and improving campus operations on a continuous basis and by the fact that the “systems” approach inherent in AQIP aligns well with the culture of science and engineering.
AQIP at the School of Mines runs inside normal operations as a common language and a shared method of understanding improving institutional processes across units and areas.  The AQIP steering group is comprised of the executive-level administrators with responsibility for a given domain of operations.   To achieve campus-wide involvement in continuous quality improvement, we employ broadly representational task forces and action project teams.  Engineering and science disciplines have many continuous quality improvement protocols; therefore, we have not introduced AQIP as a “new” way of doing things but as our institutional-level version of what STEM practitioners think of as the way any effective organization runs.

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