AQIP Action Projects

At SD Mines, we do not differentiate between action projects or improvement initiatives under AQIP and other projects or initiatives carried out as part of the institutional commitment to continuous quality improvement. The challenge of defining action projects under AQIP at Mines has been one of selecting amongst competing needs.

The members of the AQIP Steering Committee sit on Executive Council with the exception of the dean of Graduate Education and the Associate Provost for Assessment and Accountability.  The latter is the AQIP liaison; therefore, AQIP action projects are discussed within Executive Council the same as any other quality improvement opportunity or initiative.     
The following is a listing of all action projects to date, including all reports and reviews.
2008  Transition to a New President
2008  Graduate Program Capacity Audit
2008  Coordination of ABET Accreditation Review Process
2009  Setting 10 Year Strategic Enrollment Goals
2009  Development of a Comprehensive Research Plan
2009  Developing Sustainable Relationships with Key Partners
2009  Identify Key Administrative Support Service Needs
2010  Improve Service to Online Master’s Degree Program Students
2010  Valuing People through the Advanced Connections Program
2010  ‘Rolling up’ discrete planning efforts into a Comprehensive Strategic Plan
2011  Improving Academic Advising
2011  Data Sharing: Designing more effective processes to support departments and units
2011  Transforming Library Holdings to Meet Changing Student and Faculty Needs
2012  Using the Academic Appeals Process to support Advising and Retention
2012  Institutionalizing Processes for Monitoring and Improving Employee Motivation and Engagement
2012  Youth Programming and Conferencing: Effort to reinvent, revitalize, and achieve sustainability
2013  Incorporate Academic Program Assessment and Performance Data into Budgeting Cycle
2013  Early Alert System Implementation and Assessment
2013  Strategic Plan and the Budgeting Cycle: Links, Measures, Accountability, and Cycle for Review