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Find out more about SD Mines Pre-Health Pathways by contacting the Pre-Health Pathways Advisor, Erica-Haller-Stevenson. Email Erica at or call (605) 394-5302.  Her office is in the Student Success Center in Surbeck.

Haller-Stevenson, Erica

Meet Erica

Erica Haller-Stevenson is the Pre-Health Pathways Advisor. Her role is to assist any student interested in a health profession with the process of applying to professional schools and obtaining real-world observational or work experiences. Erica has a Master of Public Health degree and several years of experience in different public health settings. Prior to her transition to public health, she worked in health care as a physical therapy technician and EMT.

Prospective Students

If you are a prospective student who would like more information about the Pre-Health program at SD Mines, we encourage you to contact us.  We'd be happy to answer your questions.

General admissions questions can be directed to

Current Students

Contact the Pre-Health Pathways Advisor ( or visit our Faculty Advisor page for a list of advisors from SD Mines academic programs who participate in the Pre-Health program.

General Inquiries

Please contact us at