Pre-Health Experiences in Volunteering, Education, Research, & Shadowing (PHEVERS)

Our Pre-Health Experiences in Volunteering, Education, Research, & Shadowing (PHEVERS, pronounced as "fevers") program is a co-curricular, professional development program for pre-health students at South Dakota Mines. This program helps pre-health students to develop the skills and master the competencies that make them more competitive candidates for professional programs. PHEVERS students participate in events and activities designed to help them learn more about working in healthcare settings and to gain experiences that prepare them for health careers. Students in the PHEVERS program gain access to opportunities that will help them develop to Pre-Health Pathways Competencies and to gain a deeper understanding of health careers while connecting with both peers and professionals here in Rapid City.

Pre-Health Pathways Competencies:

  • Science Competencies: Students will demonstrate a competency for the requisite biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and social sciences for successful admission into health-related graduate or professional programs.
  • Critical Thinking & Reasoning Competencies: Students will develop problem-solving skills in areas of scientific inquiry and quantitative reasoning.
  • Communication Competencies: Students will demonstrate proficiency in professional written and oral communication, including use of professional electronic communication and maintaining responsible digital footprints.
  • Intrapersonal Competencies: Students will exemplify high standards of ethical responsibility, reliability, dependability, resilience, adaptability, capacity for self-improvement, and life-long learning.
  • Interpersonal Competencies: Students will demonstrate high levels of social skills, cultural competence, teamwork, and service orientation.

Students can join the PHEVERS program at any time while enrolled at South Dakota Mines. PHEVERS students receive exclusive YouTube content, such as Informational Interviews and recordings of past PHEVERS meetings. We launched PHEVERS in Fall 2019 and currently have over 20 students in our growing program. Our first PHEVERS graduate completed the program in Spring 2020 and is now in medical school!

To complete the program, students must:

  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Complete requirements in each of the four major areas (Volunteering, Education, Research, & Shadowing)
  • Submit documentation and reflections forms at the end of each semester
  • Submit an essay reflecting on their PHEVERS experiences after completing the program

The requirements in each of the four areas are:

  • Volunteering: Accrue at least 200 hours of volunteering (50 of those hours must be medically-relevant)
  • Education: Engage in activities for educating oneself and others
    • Education of Self: Participate in 6 different kinds of pre-health learning events (e.g. workshops, informational interviews, health professions fairs, etc.)
    • Education of Others: Participate in 4 different kinds of outreach activities (e.g. participation in Go To Mines or our Minerals in Medicine event each spring)
  • Research: Be involved in at least one scientific research project and present the work from that project to others in a formal, non-classroom setting (e.g. poster presentation, oral presentation, formal report, or scientific publication)
  • Shadowing: Shadow at least two professionals in different healthcare roles for a minimum of 50 hours 

To learn more about our PHEVERS program, check out The Atrium, our pre-health blog. 

If you are a currently enrolled South Dakota Mines student, you can apply to the PHEVERS program by going here