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Students from across the curriculum at SD Mines are preparing for admission into graduate and professional programs in the health sciences. Some of our majors, such as interdisciplinary sciences and applied biological sciences, have been especially designed for this purpose. In other cases, students can meet admissions requirements by integrating the basic pre-health prerequisites into their coursework. Small classes taught at the appropriate level of rigor plus our campus-wide focus on critical thinking, problem-solving, and communications skills means students will be well-prepared for their post-baccalaureate training.  

Basic Pre-Health Prerequisites  

Medical and dental schools and allied health science programs welcome applications from students in all majors, but successful students will have completed a sequence of required and recommended pre-requisite courses and will have demonstrated an aptitude for science and math.   

In general, these prerequisite courses are required:

  • College-level mathematics, usually calculus or statistics
  • One year of general biology and labs
  • One year of general chemistry and labs
  • One year of physics and labs

Medical, dental, pharmacy, and some physician assistant programs will also require these courses:

  • One year of organic chemistry and labs
  • One or two semesters of biochemistry and labs  

Also highly recommended, and sometimes required, are courses in anatomy and physiology, genetics, microbiology, molecular cell biology, psychology and sociology, economics, ethics and humanities, and composition or technical writing.  

These pre-requisite courses help ensure that students will have the academic background needed to study for and perform well on admissions exams such as the MCAT, DAT, and GRE, and also to meet the accreditation requirements of the professional programs.  

Work with the pre-health advisors in your department at SD Mines to determine which required and recommended courses will make you a strong candidate for acceptance into the post-graduate program you are pursuing.   

Prerequisite Equivalencies at SD Mines  

What courses should you take at SD Mines to meet the prerequisite requirements?  Click here to see a list of prerequisite equivalencies.

Applying to Health Professions Schools

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