The Atrium: A Pre-Health Pathways Blog

The official blog for Pre-Health Pathways at South Dakota Mines is called The Atrium. In architecture, an atrium is an open space, while in biology the word refers to a chamber within an organism's heart that receives blood. Our blog provides a space for sharing the vital information that is received by our Pre-Health Pathways office to enrich the hearts and minds of our pre-health students. The Atrium features stories about things that our pre-health students are doing on and off of campus, maintains a leaderboard for semester challenges, and provides information to help students navigate their pre-health journeys, such as a tools for exploring different careers, finding local volunteering opportunities, preparing for entrance exams, learning about the application process, and getting connect to all kinds of other pre-health resources.

Articles that can be found on the blog include:

  • Student Spotlights: Interviews with current pre-health students South Dakota Mines.
  • Advice from an Alumnus: Interviews with former Mines students pursing careers in healthcare.
  • Featured Faculty: Interviews with faculty members who teach at South Dakota Mines.
  • Learning from Locals: Interviews with local healthcare professionals share words of advice and insights.
  • Pre-Health Prep Series: Articles that give information and advice to help students prepare for careers in healthcare.
  • WAC or WPC Winners: Announcements of the winners for the Weekly Anatomy Challenge (Fall semesters) and the Weekly Physiology Challenge (Spring semesters).
  • Other articles about the events and activities that pre-health students at South Dakota Mines can attend while pursuing their degrees.

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