Student Profile:
Rebecca Ceremuga, Mechanical Engineering

As an intern at Medtronic’s Renal Care Solutions, Rebecca Ceremuga helped develop a new cartridge for dialysis machines, the only alternative to an organ transplant for patients with kidney failure.

Unlike traditional machines where the fluid that removes blood waste products is discarded after a single use, this cartridge recalibrates and recycles fluid. The greatest impact will be in China and India where purified water is scarce.

Now, Ceremuga works as a medical scribe for a local gynecologist who uses Medtronic devices. “I’ve seen the whole cycle, from the design and manufacture of a device at Medtronic to patients using it,” she says.

With plans to attend medical school, Ceremuga shadows a range of doctors in neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedic medicine, and trauma. “I’ve seen patients with seizures. I’ve shadowed doctors during a brain surgery and an amputation.” 

In orthopedic surgery she sees a natural extension of her major—mechanical engineering. “It’s like design work. Your body is a machine. As a surgeon, I could utilize mechanical engineering knowledge and apply a thorough understanding of medical devices to better care for my patients.”