Psychometrists are health care professionals who work with patients to administer and score a wide range of neurophysiological and psychological tests. This helps patients with neurological diseases, traumatic brain injuries, learning disabilities, or psychological health issues to better understand their conditions and to measure their progress if they are undergoing rehabilitation. These tests can also be used for research purposes for scientists who study these kinds of conditions. Psychometrists work under the general supervision of licensed neuropsychologists and psychologists. They work in both hospital and private practice settings and rarely have to take work home with them. Psychometrists may also work for local, state, or federal government agencies, schools, or non-profit organizations.

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    Master's degree programs in psychometrics or psychology with a concentration in psychometrics typically require the GRE as an entrance exam. Some programs may require a subject-specific GRE. Learn more about the GRE here.

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    Consult the admissions/application web pages of the professional programs for information on required pre-requisite courses and admissions tests, application procedures, and application deadlines. Some professional/graduate programs will not accept AP or CLEP credits, online courses, or correspondence courses for the core science and math pre-requisite requirements. Many programs also require that all pre-requisite coursework be completed within a certain period of time, e.g., within 5 years prior to application. Policies vary by school and program. Be sure you know the requirements