WebAdvisor for Faculty

Since the implementation of WebAdvisor, course instructors enter their grades via the Internet. This functionality benefits both faculty and students. Faculty members can enter their grades from home or office or even while on the road-wherever they have access to the Internet. Students can view their semester grades via WebAdvisor, at their own convenience, without having to wait for grades to be mailed. Grade reports are no longer mailed except in very unusual circumstances.

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Enter your final grades for students using our online tool: WebAdvisor

Instructions for Entering Grades

Entering final grades is easy.

  1. Log on to WebAdvisor using your WebAdvisor ID and password.
  2. Select Grading from the full Faculty Menu.
  3. Select the appropriate term.
  4. Then select Final Grading from the Final or Midterm/Intermediate Grading drop-down box and click on the box for the appropriate class. The next screen allows you to enter the final grades.
  5. Enter one or more grades.
  6. Click submit.

Clicking on submit at the bottom of the screen "saves" the grades entered. You can enter the grades one student at a time or one course at a time as you finish grading, or you can enter grades for all courses in one session.*

All students who appear on your WebAdvisor class roster should be given a grade. Ordinarily, students who have withdrawn from the class will not appear on the roster.

Undergraduate Incompletes

You can assign a student an incomplete by entering an "I" with an expiration date. Expiration dates are required only for "I" grades. SD Mines policy stipulates that students must make up the "incomplete" portion of the course within one year or during the next semester that the student is in residence. If in doubt as to what date to enter, contact the Registrar and Academic Services Office (RAS).

Grade Changes

The grades must be "locked in" by the RAS Office before they are released for viewing in WebAdvisor. RAS staff will lock in grades numerous times a day during finals week and again after the due date. Grades for courses ending at mid-term time will be locked in soon after midterm. You can change a final grade at any time until it has been locked in. At that point, if you try to change a grade, you will receive an error message from WebAdvisor. To change a grade after they are locked in, you must send an e-mail with the grade change information to Diana O'Toole, Assistant Registrar, at Diana.OToole@sdsmt.edu or Hallie Vigil, Registrar Coordinator, at Hallie.Vigil@sdsmt.edu and they will make the grade change in the system.

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