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Below you can find tutoring information for classes sorted by tutor. To find out when each tutor is scheduled to work, please consult the Tutor availability in their  profile. (The times on the schedule should be based on MST (Mountain Daylight Time).) To get help for a class go to Students ( and create an account with your South Dakota Mines email and request a tutoring session based on the class you need help with and then join the video conference at the appropriate time scheduled. If you have any questions or have accessibility issues, please contact either Tom Mahon ( or Lisa Carlson (

Student Success Spring 2021 Tutors

KYDEN:     Subjects: College Algebra, Trig, Calc I, Chem 112/114, Org Chem I and II, Phys 111/211, Genetics, Biology I and II, Bio Chem I and II, Micro Biology 

VEDANG:     Subjects: Algebra, Trig, Calc I/II/III, Diff EQ, Prob & Stats, Linear Algebra, Grammar, Comp, CSC 150/215/251, CSC 314/315/484 

HILLARY:     Subjects: Algebra, Trig, Calc I/II, Chem 112/114, Phys 111/211/213, Grammar, Comp, Geol 212/221, EM 321, Hist 151, Soc 100, Psych 101, ME 201Sharvil

SHARVIL:     Subjects: Algebra, Trig, Calc I/II/III, Prob & Stats, Linear Algebra, Grammar, Comp, CSC 150/215/251, CSC 314/315

YASH:     Subjects: Algebra, Trig, Calc I and II, Probs and Stats, Phys 111/211/213, Grammar, Composition, Tech Comm, Diff Eq, Intro to ME, Statics, Dynamics, ME 125

CHEROKEE:   Subjects: Algebra, Trig, Calc I/II/II, Diff EQ, EE 110/120/220/221/250/301/303

ABI:     Subjects: College Algebra, Trig, Calc I,II and III, Diff EQ, Chem 112/112L, Chem 114,  Phys 111/211/213, Organic Chemistry I and II.

JEREMY:     Subjects: College Algebra, Trig, Calc I, II, III, Diff EQ, Phys 111/211, General Chem 112 and 114, Organic Chemistry I and II, Tech Comm I, CBE 217, CBE 250

TREVOR:   Subjects: Math114/115/120/123/125/225/373/381, Phys 111/211,  Chem112/114, Engl279/289, CSC111/150/170/215/251/315, Em214/321,  Met220/232/310/330/332/352/422/440

PRATIK:  Subjects: Math 114/120/123/125/225/381, Phys 211/213, CSC 150, EE 220, CENG 244, Statics, Dynamics, Circuits

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