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You came to South Dakota Mines to be challenged, but now that challenge is staring you right in the face. College classes may seem significantly harder than what you encountered in high school; or maybe you sailed through your freshman year, and now a particular course section is giving you trouble. Fortunately, many resources are available for students who need tutoring, coaching or support to help them master concepts and coursework.

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KNACK Online Tutoring

Hello South Dakota Mines students, faculty and staff:

With all the changes in our lives, adjusting to a “new normal”, and the start to a new semester, we have a different “look” to how we will be offering tutoring this Fall.  We have partnered with KNACK to provide a platform where our students can request tutoring help by scheduling appointments. The link to that platform is: https://www.joinknack.com/school/south-dakota-mines

Tutors through the Student Success Center at the South Dakota Mines are available to be booked for online sessions on the Knack platform. If you have any questions about working with these tutors or how to best navigate the Knack platform, please email thomas.mahon@sdsmt.edu or contact Knack support directly through the help center.

How it Works

1. Create an account with your ".edu" email address.

2. Submit a request and review qualified tutors.

3. Select your tutor and schedule a session.

4. Meet online for your session!

Student Success KNACK FALL Tutors

KYDEN:      Subjects: College Algebra, Trig, Calc I, Chem 112/114, Org Chem I and II, Phys 111/211, Genetics, Biology I and II, Bio Chem I and II, Micro Biology

ENZO:       Subjects: Algebra, Trig, Calc I/II/III, Diff EQ, Chem 112, Phys 111/211/213, Grammar, Comp, Matlab, Solid Works, ME 110/126/210/211 

VEDANG:      Subjects: Algebra, Trig, Calc I/II/III, Diff EQ, Prob & Stats, Linear Algebra, Grammar, Comp, CSC 150/215/251, CSC 314/315/484 

HILLARY:     Subjects: Algebra, Trig, Calc I/II, Chem 112/114, Phys 111/211/213, Grammar, Comp, Geol 212/221, EM 321, Hist 151, Soc 100, Psych 101, ME 201Sharvil

SHARVIL:     Subjects: Algebra, Trig, Calc I/II/III, Prob & Stats, Linear Algebra, Grammar, Comp, CSC 150/215/251, CSC 314/315

DALTON:     Subjects: Algebra, Trig, Calc I, Prob & Stats, Diff EQ, General Chemistry I/Lab, General Chemistry II/Lab, Organic Chemistry, Material Balances, Phys 111, CBE217, CBE218

GABY:     Subjects: Algebra, Chem 112/114, Phys 111/211/213, Grammar, Composition, Tech Comm, Psych 101, Thermodynamics, Aspen Plus, Organic Chemistry, CBE218, CBE317, CBE333/433

YASH:     Subjects: Algebra, Trig, Calc I and II, Probs and Stats, Phys 111/211/213, Grammar, Composition, Tech Comm, Diff Eq, Intro to ME, Statics, Dynamics, ME 125

CHEROKEE:   Subjects: Algebra, Trig, Calc I/II/II, Diff EQ, EE 110/120/220/221/250/301/303

JOHN:     Subjects: College Algebra, Trig, Calc I and II, Diff EQ, Prob & Stats, Chem 112/112L, Phys 111/211/213, Grammar, Comp, ME110/126/210/211/216/221, MET231/232

ABI:     Subjects: College Algebra, Trig, Calc I,II and III, Diff EQ, Chem 112/112L, Chem 114,  Phys 111/211/213, Organic Chemistry I and II.

JEREMY:     Subjects: College Algebra, Trig, Calc I, II, III, Diff EQ, Phys 111/211, General Chem 112 and 114, Organic Chemistry I and II, Tech Comm I, CBE 217, CBE 250

TREVOR:   Subjects: Math114/115/120/123/125/225/373/381, Phys 111/211,  Chem112/114, Engl279/289, CSC111/150/170/215/251/315, Em214/321,  Met220/232/310/330/332/352/422/440

We will also be offering drop-in, face-to-face tutoring, adhering to the CDC guidelines of wearing masks and social distancing in the Surbeck Ballroom.  Our traditional “Sunday Night Crunch” from 7:00 – 10:00 PM and on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 – 10:00 PM.  This will begin this Sunday, August 30th.

Our tutoring schedule is always posted online, https://www.sdsmt.edu/Academics/Student-Success-Center/Docs/Tutoring-Schedule/

Our Tutor “AREAS OF Expertise” chart can be found here: https://www.sdsmt.edu/Academics/Student-Success-Center/Docs/Tutors-Area-of-Expertise/


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