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  • Health insurance (Mines Link login required)
  • Program Specific Insurance - KEI, AIFS, ISA

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  • For CISI - SD BOR insurance
    • Log into your portal and download the app for your convenience
    • South Dakota Board of Regents policy number is 18 GLM N01060946. Please include spaces.
  • For Program Specific insurance - send a copy to

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Academic Differences

Academic systems in other countries can be quite different than in the US. Are you prepared?

In the US, student progress in a course is assessed (graded) on a regular basis through homework assignments, pop quizzes, research papers, attendance, class participation, and multiple tests, etc. over the course of the term. The student is assigned a final grade for the course based on a combination of these items, which is specified in the course syllabus. Individual grades are usually retrieved through some electronic means and are generally kept private.

In most European universities, class attendance is expected, but not always mandatory. You may be graded on only one or two items. There is usually a final exam that is comprehensive and possibly a research paper. The student is responsible for learning the material, which requires a great deal of self-discipline. Tests are short answer essay and essay. Multiple choice tests are uncommon. Grading scales will most likely be quite different than in the US as well. Grades may be posted publicly on a wall in the department.

Due to the grading differences, grades for the courses the student takes are usually not entered on the SD Mines transcript. The courses appear as transfer credit with Pass/Fail, rather than the regular grading scale.  

Diversity and Inclusion Abroad

At SD Mines, we encourage diversity and inclusion while increasing global and cultural competency amongst student body. We also believe that international experiences can enhance degree programs, learning experience, and future careers.   

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