Education Abroad Resources

South Dakota Mines Forms

Academic Credit Form (fillable PDF)

Budget Form (Excel spreadsheet)

Education Abroad Options Matrix - help you evaluate your options

General Interest Form - this is on Rocker Central

Program Checklist - make sure you get everything completed before you leave

Other Resources


Comparing cost of living - help build your budget in your host country

Currency Converter

    ● Oanda
    ● XE
    ● There are a lot of free apps to help.

General Budgeting

Learn more about managing your money

    Effective U
      Thanks to the University of Minnesota.

Country Research

Country Reports

    Information by country about geography, economy, history, culture, and customs.

Commisceo Global

Culture Crossing Guide

eDiplomat: Guides to cultural etiquette around the world

Etiquette Scholar

International Business Etiquette

Disability and Accommodation

U.S. Department of State - Travelers with Disabilities

    Each country has its own laws regarding accessibility for, or discrimination against, persons with physical, sensory, intellectual, or mental disabilities.

CDC Information for Travelers with Disabilities

    According to the World Health Organization, an activity limitation can include difficulty seeing, hearing, walking, or problem-solving. With proper preparation, many travelers with disabilities can travel internationally.

Abroad With Disabilities (AWD)

    A non-profit organization with the goal of promoting the belief that persons with disabilities can and should go abroad.

Disability Rights and Education Defense Fund

    This website, advocating disability civil rights, provides a list of international disability laws by country.

Guide to studying abroad with a disability in Australia

Guide to studying abroad with a disability in Germany

Mobility International USA

    Mobility International USA (MIUSA) aspires to empower people with disabilities through international exchange, information, technical assistance, and training, to ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities in international exchange and development programs.

UN Enable

Articles and Blogs from students on program provider sites:

    Capa International: Lucas Scheelk (CAPA London Fall 2013) on exploring London from an autistic & LGBT perspective
    Go Can I volunteer abroad with my chronic condition? By Niki Kraska:

Food/Dietary Needs

Select Wisely

    Creates cards for food allergies that can be translated into most languages.

Celiac Travel

Gluten-Free Traveler



Happy Cow - Vegan/Vegetarian

VegDining - Vegan/Vegetarian

General Resources

Travel Resource Sites

    ISIC - International Student Identity Card


Student Airfare

    There are many websites available to assist you in planning your travel. The first two specifically work with students. We do not endorse any sites.


U.S. Department of State

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Other Government Resources

Health and Safety Resources


    Pathways to Safety International
      ● Empowering victims of interpersonal & gender-based violence abroad. Providing holistic services to the growing American overseas community, including the 80 million Americans traveling abroad annually and the 9 million Americans that live overseas.

    Please see U.S. Government Resources in the dropdown above for more information.



Language Learning Options

Devereaux Library:

    A link to the free language learning website Duolingo has been added to the SDSL Complete List of Databases page. Duolingo is a language-learning platform designed to feel like a game. It is appropriate for ages 11 and up.

To access Duolingo:
  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Click on "Databases" icon
  • 3. Type in search bar to find Duolingo
  • OR scroll and click on Duolingo icon


Fluent Forever (fee for this program)


U.S. Department of State: LGBTQI+ Travelers

    U.S. Department of State: Selecting your Gender Marker on Passports

      ● You can select the gender marker you would like printed on your U.S. passport. The gender you select does not need to match the gender on your supporting documentation such as a birth certificate, previous passport, or state ID. We no longer require medical documentation to change the gender marker on your U.S. passport.

    Amnesty International Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

      ● Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 10 million people who take injustice personally. We are campaigning for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all.

    Brown University: LGBTQ+ Students

      ● Thank you, Brown University.

    Go Overseas: 12 LGBTQIA+ Friendly Study Abroad Destinations

      ● Go Overseas is a program provider.

    IES Abroad: Air Travel Tips for Transgender Students Studying Abroad

      ● IES Abroad is a program provider.

    ILGA - International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association

      ● A US-based non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO), IGLHRC effects their mission through advocacy, documentation, coalition building, public education, and technical assistance.

    International Lesbian and Gay Association

      ● World federation of national and local organizations for LGBTQ people. They also provide a country-by-country overview of legislation pertaining to LGBTQ individuals.

    NPR: Things to Think About for LGBTQ Students Itching to Study Abroad

      OutRight Action International

        ● An international LGBTQ advocacy organization that reports on human rights violations of LGBTQ individuals worldwide. The ultimate guide to studying abroad as an LGBTQ+ student

        ● is a program provider. Has great resources on LGBTQ+ friendly countries and other great information like finding a good university, housing, who to turn to for help, and scholarships specifically for you.

      The National Center for Transgender Equality

      University of California-Davis: Interactive Map for LGBTQIA Scholars

        ● Thank you to University of California/Davis. The interactive map highlights laws impacting their LGBTQIA communities, local organizations providing LGBTQIA advocacy or support, multimedia resources about LGBTQIA identities in the region, and LGBTQIA events.

      Mental Health

      Mental Health is Health

        ● “Mental Health is Health” is an MTV Entertainment Studios initiative rooted in the reality that we all have mental health and need to take care of it like we do our physical health. The initiative aims to normalize conversation, create a connection to resources and inspire action on mental health.

      MIUSA - Mobility International USA

        ● Preparations for Travel with Mental Health Conditions. There are some good tips and personal stories.

      The Jed Foundation

        ● The Jed Foundation (JED) is a nonprofit that protects emotional health and prevents suicide for our nation’s teens and young adults, giving them the skills and support they need to thrive today…and tomorrow.

      University of Colorado Boulder-Cultural Adjustment

        ● Courtesy of UC Boulder

      University of Michigan-Managing Stress & Enhancing Your Experience Abroad

        ● Courtesy of the University of Michigan

      Parent Resources


      Race and Ethnicity

      U.S. Department of State – Travel Safety-Race and Ethnicity

        All Abroad Diversity Resources

          Black Youth Abroad

            ● Introducing Black American Youth & Young Adults to social and economic opportunities beyond the United States.


            ● A website dedicated to helping students of color go abroad; includes advice, scholarship information, student testimonials, and more.

          Michigan State University Office for Education Abroad

            ● There are also resources for specific racial groups. Articles for and by multicultural students from Michigan State University's Office of Study Abroad. The site maintains a broad range of resources to help students of color find study abroad programs that meet their needs, including reasons to study abroad, information to support diversity in study abroad, and information about discrimination abroad.

          ISEP Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility Abroad

            ● ISEP is dedicated to increasing access to study abroad for underrepresented students from diverse backgrounds.

          IFSA-UNPACKED: A Study Abroad Guide for Students Like me article

            ● IFSA is a program provider.

          On She Goes

            ● A digital travel magazine for, and by women of color.

          Hispanic College Fund

            ● Various scholarships available.

          PLATO: Project for Learning Abroad, Training & Outreach

            ● A project addressing some of the issues and challenges ethnicity may play in the education abroad experience for underrepresented students, and linking to additional information, resources, and scholarships; this site includes the top 10 reasons for students from African-American, Hispanic-American, Native American, and Asian/Pacific Islander Backgrounds to go abroad.

          University of Colorado Boulder Education Abroad Resources

            ● Thanks to UC-Boulder.

          Security and Privacy

          Sexual Health and Safety

          RAINN – has a live chat

            Pathways to Safety

              ● Providing holistic services to the growing American overseas community, including the 80 million Americans traveling abroad annually and the 9 million Americans that live overseas.

            Sustainable Travel

            350 Project

              ● An international campaign for worldwide solutions to the climate crisis – find out what the number 350 refers to on their website.

            Carbon Footprint Calculator

              ● Calculate your carbon footprint and find tips for lowering yours!

            Carbon offset programs

            Environmental Justice from EPA

              Ethical Traveler

                ● A nonprofit organization seeking to use the economic clout of tourism to protect human rights and the environment.

              National Geographic’s Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Travel

                ● Learn tips for sustainable travel for every step of the journey!

              Responsible Travel Pledge

                ● Learn how to travel sustainably in various destinations around the world.


              South Dakota Mines VPN instructions

                ● If you use your Mines laptop, this is already integrated. You still need to use your Duo sign in information.

              Password Protector: there are a lot of different ones out there. Here are just a few people have used.

              Adaptors and Electronics


                eSim providers
                  This site provides sim providers for different countries


              U.S. Department of State-Health and Safety for Women Travelers

                Brown University-Gender Identity Abroad

                  ● Courtesy of Brown University


                  ● A travel resource written by and for solo women travelers.

                Missouri State University Office of Education Abroad - Advice for Women Studying Abroad

                  ● Courtesy of Missouri State University Office of Education Abroad

                Transitions Abroad: Health for Women Travelers

                  ● Transitions Abroad article: Health for Women on the Road: Essential Tips for Travelers.

                UGoGurl - For Black and African American Travelers

                  ● An e-zine to showcase African American travel writing, with resources for Black and African American travelers.

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