Finalizing Your Financial Aid

After you have completed the financial aid accept award offer process in Financial Aid Self-Service, please see the instructions below for specific steps that must be completed for each financial aid program.

Federal Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Student Loan

Federal Work-Study (FWS)

  • Federal Work-Study is money that can be earned throughout the academic year; it is not available to pay your bill. Work-study earnings are paid directly to the student monthly based on hours worked.
  • You must be awarded FWS by the Financial Aid Office in order to participate in this program.
  • If you were awarded FWS, the award will show up in your Banner Student Portal. If you were not awarded FWS, please contact the Financial Aid Office to request to be placed on the FWS wait list, if eligible.
  • If awarded either initially or off the wait list, you will receive an email notification from the Financial Aid Office. 
  • The email notification will include detailed information on your FWS responsibilities and available on and off-campus positions. These details will also be available on the Work-Study/Employment page. 

Financial Aid Disbursement

  • Financial aid will be disbursed approximately 10 days prior to the start of each term. You may contact the Financial Aid Office to request a deferment if your financial aid will be delayed. For more information regarding payment and billing deadlines, please view the Student Accounts page.
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Always Here to Help

Financial aid is new territory for many students and their parents, and can some times be complex.

Please feel free to contact the South Dakota Mines Financial Aid Office if you have questions or need assistance on financial aid matters.