Hardrocker Heritage Award

The Hardrocker Heritage Award is intended to attract additional highly qualified first time, full-time nonresident freshmen and transfer students to South Dakota who have at least one parent or legal guardian who earned a degree from SD Mines.  Qualifying students will receive tuition and fees at the in-state rate. 


  • First time, full time freshmen and transfer undergraduate applicants
  • With at least one parent or legal guardian who earned a degree from SD Mines
  • Who meets all admission criteria
  • Who has a minimum 20 ACT Composite or minimum 940 SAT Composite, and
  • Has a minimum 20 ACT Math Sub-Score or minimum 480 SAT Math Sub-Score

Currently enrolled students are not eligible for this program, it is only available to new applicants.

Award Amount

Eligible applicants will be allowed to attend SD Mines at the in-state tuition and fee rate (an award equivalent to the difference between in-state and out-of-state costs; approximately $4,000 a year for the average student in 2017-2018).

Retention Criteria

  • The tuition reduction can be retained for up to four years (eight fall/spring semesters) of education at SD Mines, excluding approved education absences, such as co-ops, study abroad, and other approved absences.
  • Recipients must maintain SD Mines GPA of 3.0 or greater at the end of each academic year, including any summer courses completed before the start of the next Fall Semester.
  • Recipients must complete a minimum of 24 SD Mines credits per academic year, including any academic credits earned in the summer before the start of the next Fall Semester.
  • Failure to meet the renewal criteria will cause the recipient to be ineligible to receive the in state undergraduate tuition rate.
  • Once in-state tuition is lost, it will not be reinstated unless waived by the Provost because of extenuating circumstances (medical/personal/family emergencies, etc.).  Voluntarily taking time off from school is not an acceptable reason for appeal


Fill out the Hardrocker Heritage Award application form in addition to applying for admission to the university.

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