International Graduate Admissions

Admission to the Graduate School

International graduate applicants should go to our Graduate Admissions section to apply for admission.  The graduate application process can be somewhat lengthy, so please apply as early as possible. When your application package is complete, the Graduate Education office will send it to the academic department for review. This process may take 2-3 weeks. The department then returns your package to the Graduate Education office. If it is ready for the I-20 form, the application package is then sent to the Ivanhoe International Center. The Ivanhoe International Center will complete this form and return the package to the Graduate Education office for final review. The Graduate Education office will inform you if you are admitted.

Requirements Specific to International Students

A variety of requirements, from English proficiency to health insurance and visas, apply to international students. Visit our International Students Requirements webpage for details.

Annual Costs

Most international students at the undergraduate level take a higher number of credit hours per semester than the average undergraduate student from the US. Visit our Costs and Fees webpage that helps international students estimate their potential costs.

Need Assistance?

The Ivanhoe International Center at the School of Mines is available to assist you with information about SD Mines and the Rapid City area, connections with current students, and with any issues you might need help with once you become a student here.

Contact Us:
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