Minnesota Reciprocity

Tuition Benefit of the MN Reciprocity Program

SD Resident:  $10,370
MN/SD Reciprocity:  $10,370
Non-Resident:  $14,140

Minnesota has agreements with neighboring states to provide lower tuition for Minnesota residents to attend public colleges and universities in those states. This is called reciprocity. Typically, non-resident admission fees and tuition are reduced (or eliminated) if you're a reciprocity student.

Minnesota's reciprocity agreement with South Dakota covers nearly all students, including full-time, part-time, undergraduate, graduate, and professional (some professional programs are excluded).

If you are a Minnesota resident, you are eligible for reciprocity benefits if you attend the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. This means that non-resident admission fees and tuition are reduced for undergraduate and graduate students. Your tuition and fees will be about the same as if you were attending a similar MN school.

Reciprocity tuition rates are reviewed yearly, so students should directly contact SD Mines to determine the exact tuition rate. Students should apply for admission and then apply for reciprocity directly to SD Mines. As long as you are continuously enrolled, your reciprocity benefits will automatically be renewed. In certain cases, SD Mines may choose not to renew reciprocity benefits if you are no longer considered a Minnesota resident.

Find more information at Minnesota Office of Higher Education