Tuition and Fees Information

A South Dakota Mines degree is one of the best education values in the nation. As you and your family consider college costs and financing issues, keep in mind that a South Dakota Mines education prepares students for the highest levels of achievement in science and engineering, but at a cost that won't compromise their financial future. In addition, students at South Dakota Mines consistently benefit from over $16 million in financial assistance from various internal or external funding sources (grants, loans, scholarships and work-study) making an already affordable education even more so.

Ways to Fund your South Dakota Mines Education

2023-2024 Total Estimated Undergraduate Cost of Attendance

Direct Costs

The estimated costs below are billed directly by South Dakota Mines.


SD Residents & Child of Alumni & 
SD Advantage

MN Reciprocity


Non-SD Resident

Tuition and Fees $10,400 $11,000 $14,300
Books and Supplies
(Includes Tablet PC Program)
$1,900 $1,900 $1,900 $1,900
Room and Board $ 8,800 $ 8,800 $8,800 $8,800
Estimated Yearly Total $21,100

Indirect Costs

Estimates of expenses not directly billed by South Dakota Mines.  These will vary for each student.

Transportation Expenses                      $3,000
 Personal Expenses                      $2,000

 Averages based on 30 credits per year. 
   (Some programs have additional expenses due to discipline and lab fees.)

MN Reciprocity:  Minnesota residents are eligible for reciprocity benefits.  

SD Advantage:  New incoming freshmen and transfer students from Colorado, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wyoming are eligible for the South Dakota Advantage. New incoming freshmen and transfer students from Illinois and Wisconsin are eligible for the South Dakota Advantage starting summer 2023.

WUE: Western Undergraduate Exchange Program: including Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.  |  Find out more about WUE program

Child of Alumni: Children of South Dakota Mines alumni can apply to receive in-state tuition rates.

Veterans: Veterans that have established a permanent residence in South Dakota shall be granted resident status and are not subject to the 12-month residency requirement.

Active-Duty Military: Any person who is actively serving in the armed forces of the United States and is stationed in South Dakota will be classified as a resident for tuition purposes. This shall also apply to the spouse of the active-duty personnel.  

 Additional Resources

2023-2024 Academic Year Tuition and Fees Schedule - Set each year by the South Dakota Board of Regents; includes tuition, room, board, and fees.

Tuition and Fees by Degree Program
An estimate of the total in-state tuition and fees for each field of study at South Dakota Mines.

Estimated Cost of Attendance (for undergraduate and graduate students) - Estimated Cost of Attendance (ECOA) are budgets used by the South Dakota Mines Financial Aid Office in determining eligibility for Federal student aid. They differ from the direct costs shown above in that they also factor in transportation and personal expenses.

Annual Costs for International Students - Prepared by the Ivanhoe International Center based on the estimated cost of attendance established by the Financial Aid Office to help international students with estimates of costs.