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Spring 2022 Central & Senior Staff

Central Staff

Bryce Nussbaum, Director, Residential Education & Community Standards - Bryce.Nussbaum@sdsmt.edu
Katie Wahls, Director, Housing & Operations - Kathryn.Wahls@sdsmt.edu
Teresa Million, Residence Life Office & Card Services Coordinator - Teresa.Million@sdsmt.edu    
Cedric Collinge, Area Coordinator, Palmerton & Connolly Halls - Cedric.Collinge@sdsmt.edu                                              

Senior Staff

Joey Mulcahey, Palmerton Hall Senior Assistant Area Coordinator - Joseph.Mulcahey@sdsmt.edu
RyAnne Blau Nathan, Placer Hall Assistant Area Coordinator - RyAnne.Blau@sdsmt.edu 
Enya Guettler, Connolly Hall Assistant Area Coordinator - Enya.Guettler@sdsmt.edu
Kyle Bergevin, Rocker Square Apartments Assistant Area Coordinator - Kyle.Bergevin@sdsmt.edu
Alex Spies, Howard Peterson Hall Assistant Area Coordinator - Alex.Spies@sdsmt.edu

Spring 2022 Resident Advisors & Residential Peer Mentors

Peterson Hall

Colette McAndrew - First Floor Community
Elisa Swartz - First Floor Community
Anya Johnson - Service First Interest Community
Marissa Simpleman - Exploring Rapid City and Beyond Interest Community
Kyle Hughes - Exploring Rapid City and Beyond Interest Community
Travis Kleinsasser - Outdoor Pursuits Interest Community
VACANT - Outdoor Pursuits Interest Community
Rachel Engel - Outdoor Pursuits Interest Community

Eli Gibbs - Residential Peer Mentor

Palmerton Hall

Daunte Robbins - First Floor Community    
Regan Ogilvie - First Floor Community    
Lexi Ochsner - Second Floor Community
Madeline Vagts - Second Floor Community
Austin Scott - Third Floor Community
Luke Henderson - Third Floor Community
Evan Heilman - Fourth Floor Community
Jonathan Henkel - Fourth Floor Community
Tanner Ziwicki - Fifth Floor Community
Colton Snyder - Fifth Floor Community

Asher Eskam - Residential Peer Mentor

Connolly Hall

Lyv Krueger - First Floor Community
Scott Miller - First Floor Community
Philip Leaño - Second Floor Community
Clayton Pfeifer - Second Floor Community
Ben Lewis - Third Floor Community  
David Bolt - Third Floor Community   

Asher Eskam - Residential Peer Mentor

Rocker Square Apartments

Rocker Square I
Joshua Powell - First and Second Floor Communities
Serenity Engel - Third and Fourth Floor Communities
Emily Nix - Fifth and Sixth Floor Communities
Rocker Square II
Chami Senarath - First and Second Floor Communities
Daniel Rohde - Third and Fourth Floor Communities
Antonio Candelaria - Fifth and Sixth Floor Communities

Placer Hall

Derek Thompson - First and Second Floor Communities
Mitch Carolan - Third Floor Community
Quincy Hobbs - Fourth Floor Community
VACANT - Fifth Floor Community
Claire Peasley - Sixth Floor Community

Adam Price - Residential Peer Mentor


Move-In Weekend 
New Students - August 18 (8am-4pm) 
Returning Students - August 19-21 (8am-4pm) 
Details available here

First Day of Classes - August 22

Thanksgiving Break
Residence halls do not close

Winter Break - Halls Close
December 15 - January 7
Details available here

Spring Break - Halls Close
March 11 - March 19
Details available here

May Closing
Halls close at noon on May 6
5pm on May 7th for graduating students