2024-2025 Housing & Dining Rates 

Housing and dining rates for the next academic year are typically approved by the SD Board of Regents in March or April. Rates typically increase a small amount each year.

Housing - Room Types Per Semester
Double/Triple Occupancy $2,179.00
Single Occupancy $2,604.00
Quad  $2,438.00
Study Quad $2,617.00
Placer Double Suite $2,812.00
Placer Single Suite $3,232.00
Rocker Square I Apartments $3,806.00
Rocker Square II Apartments $3,671.00
Double as a Single
Summer Housing - Rocker Square I  $231.00 per week

Meal Plans (click here for plan details)
Per Semester
Gold Rush * $2,161.00
Hardrocker 160 * $1,914.00
Hardrocker 125 * $1,914.00 
Hardrocker 75 $1,105.00
Hardrocker Flex $1,216.00 
Rocker Square Flex ** $573.00
Commuter Block 25 $263.00
Commuter Block 50 $508.00

Commuters, Faculty, and Staff can sign up for any meal plan via the online form
* First Year students must select one of these three plans. They are ineligible for all other plans.

** Only available to Rocker Square residents, commuting students, or faculty/staff

Break Housing Costs:

All students contracted with Residence Life to stay on-campus for any duration of winter break, spring break, or early arrivals/late stays will be charged a nightly rate (for a maximum of 15 days of billing).

Palmerton, Connolly, and Peterson Hall | $21.00 per night
Placer Hall | $26.29 per night
Rocker Square Apartment | $33 per night

Students on campus for participation in departmental employment, NCAA in-season athletics, academic coursework requiring physical presence  are eligible to receive a 75% discount for dates they are required to be on campus. Residence Life will contact the listed supervisor, faculty member, or coach to confirm required presence and dates. To receive the 50% discount, the application must be submitted, and confirmation received from the supervisor, faculty member, or coach before noon on November 28, 2023.

Meal Plan Terms and Conditions:

For meal plan details, hours of operation, menus, and employment opportunities, please visit the Mines Dining page

Meal Plans may be changed once per semester for the first 10 days. Changes may be completed on the housing application if not yet placed into housing or via online form [available until Jan. 16 @ 4pm]. Changes to meal plans for the Fall are automatically applied for the Spring semester. All funds and plans purchased for use in the South Dakota Mines dining program are for the personal use of the owner of the account or plan only and are non-transferable. Meals may not be bought or sold and meal plan holder must accompany guest when using guest meals. Plan meal swipes are not transferable to the next semester and are non-refundable. Meal Plan Flex Dollars will transfer from the fall to spring semester as long as the student maintains enrollment into the spring semester.  All meal plans include a bond and utility fee used to cover costs of building operations and improvements.


Fall 2024 Housing Selection Dates
More information available here
Lottery Application & Exemption Window
March 18, 2024 (7:00AM MT) - March 21, 2024

Lottery Exemptions & Accommodations Due
March 25, 2024 (11:59PM MT)

Housing Application Open for All
March 25, 2024 (7:00AM MT)

May Closing 2024
Residence Halls & Apartments close
Non-graduating students

May 4, 2024 at 12:00PM, noon
Eligible graduating students

May 5, 2024 at 2:00PM, noon
Details available here