2017-2018 Housing & Dining Rates

Housing Rates  
Double/Triple Occupancy $1833/Semester
Single Occupancy $2141/Semester
Quad $2050/Semester
Deluxe/Study Quad $2200/Semester
Placer Single Suite $2718.10/Semester
Placer Double Suite $2365.70/Semester
Rocker Square I Apt. $2938.60/Semester
Rocker Square II Apt. $2833.90/Semester
Double as a Single
Summer Double Suite $138/Week
Summer Single Suite  $160/Week 
Meal Plan Rates  
Gold Rush $1889.80/Semester
Hardrocker 160 $1672.80/Semester
Hardrocker 125  $1672.80/Semester
Hardrocker 75 $966.05/Semester
Hardrocker Flex $1089.50/Semester
Rocker Square Flex $528.15/Semester


Residence Life is now hiring Summer Crew and Surbeck Desk Staff! Learn more and apply online below.

Summer Crew Information


  • Sat. May 5, 12noon
    All residential buildings close


  • Thurs. Aug. 16, 8am-6pm
    New Student Move-In
  • Aug. 17-19, 8am-6pm
    Returning Student Move-In
  • Thurs. Dec. 13, 12noon
    All Housing Closes - Winter Break
  • Sat. Jan. 5, 12noon
    All Housing Opens - Spring Semester
  • Sat. March 2, 12noon
    Residence Halls Close - Spring Break (Rocker I/II remain open)
  • Sun. March 10, 8am
    Residence Halls Re-Open - Spring Break
  • Sat. May 4, 2pm
    All Housing Closes