2020-2021 Housing & Dining Rates

Updated information on dates and room rates (8/11/2020)

With the new Fall 2020 semester calendar, the fall housing dates and room/meal plan rates and have been adjusted.  

Fall 2020 - New Information

Semester Timeline:

 Aug. 15-18, 2020      Returning and New Student Move-In
 Aug. 19, 2020 First day of classes 
 Nov. 24, 2020 Last day of in-person classes 
 Nov. 25, 2020 Residence halls close at 5:00pm
 Nov. 25, 2020 Extended Semester Housing Only (for approved students)
 Dec. 2, 2020 First day of finals
 Dec. 8, 2020 Last day of finals
 Dec. 9, 2020 Extended Semester Housing closes at 5:00pm

Modified Semester Housing and Dining: 

August 15th to November 25th
With a modified fall semester schedule, all students in housing will automatically receive adjusted room and dining rates to account for a reduction of days in the residence halls. See rates below.

Meal Plan changes are available via online form for the first two weeks of housing each semester. Fall meal plan changes closed Aug. 28, 2020. 

Housing & Dining Rates 

Semester Housing Rates Fall 2020 Modified 
through 11/24/2020
Fall 2020 Extended
through 12/9/2020
Spring 2021
Double/Triple Occupancy $1,746.60 $1,907.00$1,907.00
Single Occupancy $2,086.39 $2,278.00$2,278.00
Quad  $1,953.59
Deluxe/Study Quad $2,096.47 $2,289.00
Placer Single Suite $2,590.13 $2,828.00$2,828.00
Placer Double Suite $2,254.00 $2,461.00$2,461.00
Rocker Square I Apartments $2,992.20 $3,267.00$3,267.00
Rocker Square II Apartments $2,885.05 $3,150.01$3,150.01
Double as a Single
Summer Rocker Square I $198.00/Week   

Semester Meal Plan Rates
Fall 2020 Modified 
through 11/24/2020
Fall 2020 Extended
through 12/8/2020
Spring 2021
Gold Rush $1,836.46
Hardrocker 160 $1,639.73 $1,908.73
Hardrocker 125 $1,664.97 $1,933.97
Hardrocker 75 $959.00 $1,228.00$1,017.00
Hardrocker Flex $1,120.00 $1,389.00 $1,120.00 
Rocker Square Flex $528.00 $797.00$528.00

* For complete meal plan information, visit the Mines Dining meal plan webpage.

Extended Semester Housing and Dining:

August 15th to December 9th 
Students who have personal extenuating circumstances and are unable to leave on November 25th may be eligible for extended semester housing. Each application will be carefully reviewed. 
Extended Semester Housing is similar to Modified Semester Housing in that approval is for the entirety of the housing period (8/15-12/9).  Students will remain in their regular room assignment, which determines their extended semester housing rate. Those rates are listed below.

Meal Plans

Residents will still be required to have a meal plan for the duration of their stay in the halls, the same as the Modified Semester Housing.  To accommodate this, when a student is approved to stay, their meal Modified Semester meal plan will not change and the Extended Semester Meal Plan service is added for 11/25/2020-12/8/2020.    

Extended Semester Meal Plan -  Value is $269.00
  • Each resident approved for Extended Semester Housing will receive and be billed for this campus dining plan
  • Plan includes two meals swipes a day from 11/25/2020 through 12/8/2020
  • Meal service will be provided via Dining Services in Lower Surbeck
  • Additional information on times and services will be provided prior to the extended semester start date

Apply Here

Residents will need to apply prior to November 1, 2020.  
Please contact Interim Director Katie Wahls (kathryn.wahls@sdsmt.edu) with any questions. No new applications will be accepted after Nov. 1, 2020.

Residence Hall Check-In & Move-in Dates
(updated 6/16/20)

July 15
Early Arrival forms available
Priority Deadline for Check-Ins and Drop & Go options

July 29 - August 5
Drop & Go scheduled check-ins

August 15 - 17
First year students scheduled check-ins and move-in

August 15 - 18
Returning student scheduled check-ins and move-in

August 18
Rocker Ready orientation activities

August 19
Fall semester classes begin


  • Wed. Jul. 29 - Aug. 5 (8am-4pm)
    Drop & Go Student Scheduled Check-Ins & Move-In
  • Sat. Aug. 15 – 18 (8am-4pm)
    Returning Student Scheduled Check-Ins & Move-In
  • Sat. Aug. 15 – 17 (8am-4pm)
    New Student Scheduled Check-Ins & Move-In
  • Tues. Aug. 18
    New Student Ready Rocker Orientation Activities
  • Wed. Aug. 19
    Fall Semester Classes Begin
  • Wed. Nov. 25 (5pm)
    Housing Closes for Fall Semester Break
  • Fri. Jan. 8 (12pm)
    Housing Opens for Spring Semester
  • Sat. March 6 (12pm)
    Residence Halls Close for Spring Break
  • Sun. March 14 (8am)
    Residence Halls Open after Spring Break
  • Sat. May 8 (12pm)
    Housing Closes for Year