Leadership Development at South Dakota Mines

Discover your leadership potential at South Dakota Mines! Leadership skills are life skills! The Student Engagement staff know that leadership comes in a variety of forms. Whether you hold a campus job, are the president of a student organization, a member of a CAMP team, or attend our All Campus Leadership Retreat. We know there is a leadership opportunity for you!

Consider attending one or all of these various events to learn more about leadership and develop your leadership skills at the same time. These opportunities will also allow you to network with your fellow classmates and develop those connections that will assist you later in your career!

Student Engagement Leadership Series

Visit our Rocker Central Page for a list of upcoming workshops.

Student Leadership Awards

Click each award title to submit your nomination. (Note: You will need to log into the Rocker Central system to access the applications.   Nominations are due by 4:00 pm on January 23, 2023. 

The Office of Student Engagement a are soliciting nominations for the awards listed below. Awardees are honored at a spring Leadership Awards Reception, and the photographs of the Leadership Hall of Fame awardees are included in a permanent display in the Surbeck Center

The C.H.A.D. Award
The C.H.A.D. Award (Caring, Helping, Aspiring, and Developing) recognizes a student, faculty, or staff member each semester who exemplifies Chad Nienhueser's life and aspirations. The C.H.A.D. is awarded both spring and fall semesters.

Leadership Hall of Fame Award
The Leadership Hall of Fame is a very prestigious award that honors a collection of student leaders from the South Dakota Mines.

Cushman Clark Rising Star Award
The Rising Star Award is a scholarship given to a student leader in sophomore standing.

Outstanding Student Organization Member
This award may be given to any active member in any student organization who exemplifies leadership by their commitment, loyalty, and vision. Each recognized student organization can nominate one member.

Outstanding Student Organization Advisor
Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to nominate an adviser who goes above and beyond his/herself to help their student organization succeed.

Gustafson Student Leadership Award
The Gustafson Student Leadership Scholarship is to annually recognize and reward a junior or senior who while striving to achieve scholastic success demonstrates exemplary leadership and commitment through his or her involvement in campus activities and organizations.

Board of Regents Awards
BOR Community Service
BOR Organizational Leadership
BOR Academic Excellence
The three Board of Regents awards recognize student organizations for their community service, organizational leadership, and academic excellence. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to nominate student organizations that have committed their organization to leadership, community service, and the mission of the university.

BOR Award History

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