Student Organization Resources and Forms

The Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement office offers a variety of services for student organizations including professional staff advising. Our staff is here to help you M-F 7:30 am-4:30 pm. Our office can also provide your organization with tailored workshops on a variety of topics. Please visit us during normal business hours with your request.

*Note we are currently updating this section of our website, so not all links will be active. Keep checking back for updates!

Student Organization Handbook (Coming soon!)

Sample Constitution
Fall 2019 Mandatory Workshop Powerpoint

General Organization Documents 
Registering New Student Organizations
Re-Registering Organizations
Student Organization Transition

Student Organization Policies
Student Code of Conduct and Student Organizations
Alcohol and Student Organizations
Tailgating Policy at O'Harra Stadium
Logo/Licensing Student Organization Apparel
Spending SOAP Money/Changes to Usage of SD Mines Logos 

Student Organization Risk Management
Student Organization Travel Risk Management Guidance 
Student Organization Insurance 
Housing Risk Management Guidance 
Waiver and Medical Release 
Shared Responsibility 

Student Organization Financial Information
Budgeting for Your Organization 
Organization Accounts 
SOAP Funding  
Fundraising Strategy 
Fundraising Ideas 
Soliciting Money from Alumni and Corporations  
Student Organization Fundraising Form

Student Organization Travel Information
Travel and Reimbursement Information  
Purchasing and Travel Forms
Student Driver-Fleet Vehicle Form
SALC Travel Documents
Event Planning
Planning an Event
Backwards Planning
Planning a Retreat
Planning a Conference
Booking Space on Campus
Catering on Campus  
Tips for Effective Posters
Posting Guidelines & Distribution  
Student Organization Management
Building A Team
Group Decision Making
Group Development Theory
Icebreakers and Team Builders
Meeting Evaluation Checklist
Recruiting and Retaining Members  
Running an Effective Meeting
Understanding Group Process

Personal Development Resources
Active Listening
Diversity: Getting the Most out of It
Facilitating Change
Goal Setting
Managing Conflict
Time Management
Stress Management

Advisor Resources
Advisor Agreement 
Reading List

ACPA Advisor Manual

Mines Link Support
Mines Link Help Page

Managing Your User Profile:
Updating your Mines Link User Profile
Managing your Privacy Settings
Managing your Notification Settings
Changing your User Profile Photo
Removing yourself from an Organization
Managing your Interests
Viewing your Submissions
Viewing your Organization Memberships
Accessing your Notifications Inbox

Managing Your Organization (For Student Organization Officers)
Organization Action Center (Organization management navigation)
Registering a New Organization (Directions on how to Form a New Organization)
Re-registering an Organization (Annual process)
Submitting an Event
Events Walkthrough
Viewing or Editing your Event Submissions
Changing your Organization's Profile Picture
Adding Photos to your Organization's Gallery
Sending a Message as an Organization Leader
Updating your Organization
Organization Wall Overview
News Walkthrough
Documents Overview
Updating an Existing Document
Creating Document Libraries
Change Visibility Permissions of an Organizations Content
Roster Walkthrough
Organization Primary Contacts
Creating Positions Specific to your Organization
Changing Positions in your Organization
Removing Members from your Organization
Approving Organization Member Requests
Inviting New Members to Join an Organization

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