Upcoming Events

There's never a lack of things to do when you are an South Dakota Mines student.  Three useful sources of upcoming events include:

Facebook Events

Mines Link - Student Organization Events

Mines Link is the South Dakota Mines website for all things associated with student organizations and activities.  Check regularly for events and for new ways to get involved.
Mines Link Screenshot

The University Calendar and Website

The website home page displays current events of interest to the campus and -- for a more comprehensive view of what is available, now and in the future -- view the full campus calendar:  www.sdsmt.edu/Events/ 
Campus Calendar Screenshot

Rapid City and Black Hills Events

There are many things to do in Rapid City and in the surrounding areas:  sports, music, arts, volunteering -- whatever you might be interested in.  Check out Downtown Rapid City for useful event information and find more resources on our Rushmore Region webpage.

Rocker Central Logo

Rocker Central is your one stop location to get involved on campus. Check out our over 100 student organizations, campus departments, and free events!