Mines Advantage Curriculum

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MA Leadership Logo

Core Requirements - Leadership & Teamwork:

  • Participate in a leadership retreat or demonstrate effective leadership in a group or organization
  • Demonstrate active membership in a student organization on campus

Elective Experiences (Choose 3):

  • EPICS (Leadership & Teamwork)
  • Compete at a regional, national, or international competition with a campus organization
  • Attend a presentation or workshop on leadership and/or teamwork
  • Team member or leader on a senior design or capstone group project
  • Active member of a multidisciplinary team
  • Participate in a team project that your department offers
  • Complete 1 of these courses on teamwork: PSYC 319 (Teams and Teaming) or PSYC 331 (Industrial & Organizational Psychology)
  • Active member of ROTC
  • Six Sigma Certification
  • Serve as a student ambassador, resident assistant, peer mentor, or tutor
  • Hold an executive officer position in the Student Senate
  • Hold a position as a Senator on Student Association Senate
  • Participate on an intramural or an intercollegiate athletic team
  • Demonstrate effective leadership in a group or organization
  • Other events/experiences

Communication Logo

Core Requirements - Communication:

  • Give a professional presentation in class, receiving a 'B' or better
  • Submit your resume and cover letter to the Career and Professional Development Center

Elective Experiences (Choose 3):

  • EPICS (Communication)
  • Review and learn about your privacy settings and content on all social media sites, websites, or blogs
  • Build your LinkedIn profile to 100%
  • Conduct and facilitate a student organization meeting of class discussion
  • Write and submit a research paper or article for publication
  • Give a presentation at a conference or to a potential employer
  • Journalist for The Aurum (newspaper) or host a radio show (KTEQ)
  • Prepare and present a SOAP presentation
  • Defend or explain a senior design or capstone project
  • Write a memorandum that effectively conveys technical information to non-technical audiences
  • Attend a program on effective communication skills
  • Write and submit your personal statement for a scholarship to the campus scholarship coach
  • Active Member of the South Dakota Mines Debate Club
  • Other events/experiences

Career Prep Logo

Core Requirements - Career Preparation:

  • Complete a co-op, internship, or research experience
  • Attend the Career Fair or participate in a practice interview at the Career and Professional Development Center

Elective Experiences (Choose 3):

  • EPICS (Career Preparation)
  • Attend a workshop offered by the Career and Professional Development Center
  • Prepare and submit a graduate school essay or personal statement
  • Attend a company visit (plant trip) or 2nd round interview
  • Demonstrate active membership in a professional organization or society in your major
  • Attend a professional conference
  • Work as a teaching assistant or research assistant
  • Compete at a regional, national, or international competition with a campus organization
  • Participate in the Design Fair
  • Submit your resume to a company through the Gold Mine system
  • Attend an employer information session
  • Engineers Make Great Entrepreneurs
  • Pass the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam
  • Demonstrate active membership in a professional organization or society in your major
  • Complete the Harvard Business Program (HBX CORe)
  • Other events/experiences

MA PD and Ethics

Core Requirements - Personal Development:

  • Attend 2 programs on personal development or ethics
  • Research the code of ethics for your discipline or organization

Elective Experiences (Choose 3):

  • EPICS (Personal Development)
  • Complete a self-assessment (MBTI, Colors, HBD, etc...)
  • Participate in Dr. Gibson's Meditation Group
  • Attend the Military Science Department's Leadership Forum
  • Take a course on ethics, receiving a 'B' or better
  • Take the health assessment at the Health and Wellness Fair
  • Active member of a fitness organization on campus
  • Regularly participate in a campus fitness class
  • Run in a 5K or other endurance event on or off-campus
  • Participate in a cooking/nutrition class
  • Join Order of the Engineer
  • Other events/experiences

Culture Logo

Core Requirements - Cultural & Global Diversity:

  • Attend an on or off campus cultural event
  • Participate in a diversity/social justice program

Elective Experiences (Choose 3):

  • EPICS (Cultural and Global Diversity)
  • Active member of a minority student organization
  • Read a book with an intercultural focus
  • Study abroad
  • Course, project, or paper with an intercultural or social justice focus
  • Visit a sacred and/or multicultural site
  • Active member of ESA (Engineers and Scientists Abroad)
  • Participate in an international design team
  • Participate in a domestic multicultural research or design team
  • Visit a museum that emphasizes culturally diverse heritage
  • Other events/experiences

Community Logo

Core Requirements - Community Involvement:

  • Participate in 20 hours of community service
  • Vote in an off-campus election, attend a cracker barrel session, or a political/governmental open forum

Elective Experiences (Choose 3):

  • EPICS (Community Involvement)
  • Conduct and/or organize community or K-12 outreach
  • Active member of a volunteer organization on or off-campus
  • Vote in an on-campus election
  • Complete a service learning project
  • Attend or participate in a program on civic engagement
  • Take a course with Sustainable Content
  • Participate in Sustainability Day "Drive not to Drive"
  • Complete a sustainable design project in class
  • Receive a minor in Sustainable Engineering
  • Participate in MLK Day of Caring
  • Participate in United Way Day of Caring
  • Attend Constitution Day Programming
  • Attend a Student Association Meeting
  • Other events/experiences
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