Why Mines Advantage

By participating in 30 curricular and co-curricular experiences, students will make significant professional development advancements from freshman to senior year. All experiences will help students become well-rounded professionals. Participation will also lead to exclusive perks in addition to being very beneficial on a resume and an area of distinction in the eyes of employers.


How do the incentives work?

Students who have signed up for Mines Advantage will receive various tangible and intangible benefits and incentives. 

The intangible benefits include: 

  • Employer recognition
  • Resume builder
  • A level of distinction
  • A well-rounded student
  • Valuable experiences in many different areas of personal development

The tangible benefits include:

At orientation: Students will receive a pen and a card explaining the core requirements.

25% complete: A drawing will be held for items such as University apparel, resume paper, padfolios, engineering paper, tickets to community and/or campus events, etc.

50% complete: Students will receive a pin of the Mines Advantage logo that can be worn during career fairs, interviews, and conferences. Students will also receive business cards that they may hand out at career fairs and other interactions with employers.

100% complete: Students will receive a certificate, recognition at the leadership awards reception, and possibly additional recognition (yet to be finalized) at graduation.

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