You may submit your preference for a committee, however, the executive board will ultimately decide:

Executive Board - Elected and voted on by members of the team


  • Runs and lines up the bi-weekly meetings
  • Main point of contact for the team
  • Work to look for sponsorship
  • Ensure all committees work closely together and utilize effective communication skills
  • Oversee the overall functioning of the team to assure continuous quality improvement while advancing the team's mission

—Vice President (also the Community Involvement Coordinator):

  • Acts as President in the President's absence
  • Main point of contact for community involvement.
  • Organize events such as United Way Day of Caring and MLK Day of Service.
  • Expand campus-wide community service and civic engagement efforts.
  • Serve on the community outreach committee

—Finance Chair:

  • Main point of contact for all budget requests for the team
  • Responsibly manage the team's finances
  • Keep track of the team's budget and report out at each meeting


  • Maintain meeting notes and ensure effective communication between group members
  • Work with the advisor to ensure continuous leadership and professional development training for the team at each bi-weekly meeting.

Conferences Committee

  • Coordinate retreats/conferences. Line up location, schedule, logistics, speakers, and break-out sessions.
  • 1 retreat in the Fall focused on leadership  
  • 1 in Spring focused on professional development
  • Set up workshops, trainings, or speakers on campus in relation to Mines Advantage
  • Organize leadership awards ceremony and banquet

Mines Advantage Curriculum Committee

  • Continually work to advance the curriculum- to keep it up to date and relevant
  • Work closely with the Directors of Student Affairs, CAMP, and all faculty/staff to keep a focus on the advancement of Mines Advantage
  • Provide assistance with CollegiateLink software during the implementation phases
  • Assist with verification of experiences for students going through Mines Advantage
  • Determine and be responsible for incentives for students going through Mines Advantage
  • Further develop, enhance and promote program offerings in the 6 core competency areas
  • Assist with assessment of the Mines Advantage program, ensuring continuous quality improvement (will not be immediate)

Community Outreach Committee (On & Off Campus)

  • Work with student organizations, Leadership Rapid City, and other campus or community groups by volunteering or providing professional development training
  • Assist the Vice President with Community Involvement efforts on and off-campus

Marketing Committee

  • Help maintain the Mines Advantage website, social media, advertising and promotion
  • Work closely with Marketing and Communications (short-term-- logo, news release)
  • Encourage and promote student involvement and professional development campus-wide by talking to classes or various groups
  • Knowledge and promotion of CollegiateLink software
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