Missing Student

If you notice that your roommate or a neighbor has not been around, and no one knows where he or she is, please be sure to let your resident assistant know that you believe the student is missing.

Residence Life (ResLife) staff will initially attempt to contact the student via email or phone. If no contact is made, the hall director or assistant hall director will check the student’s room to see if he or she is in his or her room or if visible personal property might indicate that the student has taken an extended trip or other planned absence from the residence hall. Upon confirming the student is not around and has not been seen, ResLife staff will notify the dean of students, who will then follow South Dakota Board of Regents Policy 3:21 Notification of Law Enforcement and Appropriate Persons that a Student is Missing for students believed to be missing. The dean of students will refer the missing student information within twenty-four hours or less to the Rapid City Police Department (RCPD) upon confirmation that the student is missing. The emergency contact or parent, if applicable, will be notified within twenty-four hours or less that the student is confirmed missing.

Students residing on campus will be given the opportunity to identify their emergency contacts within their housing applications. ResLife, authorized campus officials, and RCPD will use this confidential information in the event a student is believed to be missing. In the event that an unemancipated student under the age of eighteen is missing, the university will notify the custodial parent or legal guardian.

This policy is located in the ResLife handbook available here